Getting Sentimental

I have been stuck with a half awake brain for almost a whole day.
I have a sock still in the washing machine spinning with another person's laundry because the person who cleared my clothes from the washing machine miss the sock.
My handphone battery died out on me halfway when i was still outside.
My treasured white Adidas bag finally had a stain on it. The culprit is identified as Mutton Masala.
Controversial pictures and videos of me are about to surface in Facebook as soon as Huang Hua transfers stuff that are inside her phone into Facebook.
I have duty to attend as EHOC Programmer tomorrow from 1pm til 4pm.
I'm supposed to sleep early but here am i still blogging at 2 am in the morning.
Plus i just recently found out that doctors made a mistake about my gender when i was a baby, which explains all the controversial pictures and videos that are about to appear in Facebook soon.

Well, despite all the reasons for me to be unhappy and grumpy, (the last one about my gender is of course, a fake), i'm still quite happy today. Went to support one of my best buddy's concert called Emerge 10 at Zirca.

I was surprisingly able to get past my scary and shy self this time - maybe it's the half awake brain or the coke - and do some crazy and spontaneous stuff. Stuff like running to the stage and giving flowers to him. Well, not directly, because i pushed a girl to do it, but hey, being a guy myself i would certainly prefer a girl giving roses to me anytime of the day more. 

I also happened to have a Singapore Idol runner up - or so i heard -called Jasmine Tye waving back at me during when she performed. It is not because i was handsome, sad to say, but i happen to be the only person waving at her during her performance using a modified Adam Lambert cheer hand so she waved back out of courtesy. Too bad i was too busy looking at other stuff like pretty girls passing by to notice her waving back at me until my friend told me so.
Jolynn got this from Adam Lambert's autograph session in Bugis Junction earlier in the day. Decided to modify it for my best buddy Xian You and Xian Yong - which is why the XY - to show my undying love and support. And also to keep my hand busy. Hope Adam Lambert fans won't kill me for this.

Well, at least i can say that a celebrity who happened to be a hot girl waved at me once, though i may be looking at another direction at the time. You know, when people have even the most minor contact with celebrity, they will want to boast about it. I don't want to be left out too!

I enjoyed the the night. The spontaneous running up the stage with roses to give to Xian You and Xian Yong, the usual talking cock sessions, me acting like an idiot as usual and just all of us chilling together made my night. My group of friends is a weird bunch of combination. We have the high pitched twins, a charismatic chicken, an unimaginably rich Master, a multi talented genius, a guy who always have the same style of clothing that you can recognize almost from anywhere, a flower who happens to be yellow, a very caring grandmother and me, the so called lame joker and clown. But well, that is what makes us special. Though we may be different, that's what make us bond together.

When we get together and start talking with lame jokes flying around, you'll have people looking at us wondering if we have just escaped from a mental institution.
Truth to be said, even if we do end up in a mental institution one day,i don't really mind getting stuck with them also. If-lah.

Of course, all friendships will have their ups and downs, just hope that ours will last through the four years we're going to spend in NUS. No matter how many performances we have to perform, how many assignments we must go through, how stress we might become when the exams come, how low our CAP might go - touch wood touch wood - i mean how high our CAP might go or even how many girlfriends/boyfriends we might come to have - because some of us happen to be quite handsome/pretty, no pun intended - we as friends will stick together.

I'm not really good at talking, except talking cock that is, so that is why i choose to post this on my blog where i know you guys will read it. Just to let you all know that you all should treasure me as a friend because i'm the handsomest guy you can find around Eusoff. Just joking.

I just appreciate that i have a bunch of good friends in university.
Life in uni would be so much boring-er without all the lame jokes, high pitched laughs and free performances.


  1. hey lukey luke... what an original piece of work... so touching, that the words you used to describe friendship almost brought me to tears at 3.15am.. hahaha..
    all i want to say is, eventhough i might not know you that well, thanks for being my friend... im glad that i got to know a person like you.. =)

  2. LOL =D "a guy who always have the same style of clothing that you can recognize almost from anywhere" is it Jason?!

  3. who's chicken and who's the multi-talented genius?

  4. @Joshua:Chicken is Kok weng, and multi-talented genius is Xianyou la~


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