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Note: Please read the following paragraph with the voice that you will usually here from the narration of an epic movie, like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter to achieve the full effects of this post. 

"Once upon a time, there was this teenage couple who are very loving.  Although they have yet to reach the age of marriage, they have made a promise to each other that when the time comes, the first thing that they gonna do is to run into a church and get their vows done.  Thanks to a magical tool called Facebook, they were able to declare their love to each other by stating that they are married to each other on their Profile Pages.

However, like all love stories.  Happily ever after is just confined in those soppy Disney fairy tales.  A antagonist soon appears in a form of a long lost friend whom the girl sends a friend request to.  The "husband", sensing that their happily-ever-after is threatened, did what a "husband" should do to protect his lover.

He deleted the antagonist from his girlfriend's friend list using the magical key called password that he had obtained from the girl using the reason that all lovers should share their Facebook account like how they share a house (they haven't bought a house yet, mind you, because they have yet to reach the legal age).  Not only that, he sent a flurry of angry Facebook messages to keep the antagonist away...."

Well, only to be met with a problem.  The antagonist happens to own a blog and it happens to be me.  So like any "bad guys", i'm gonna post the exchange of the angry messages just to let you all be the judge.



I've heard of over-controlling boyfriends before from all the horror stories like "Honey, I know what you did on Facebook"  but this is the first time i have a heads on encounter.  Not bad, i sure did not know that my face pose such a threat to their relationship.

Maybe because i'm too handsome?

p/s: And btw, girls please seriously don't get a bf like that or risk losing all your friends.  Guys like him needs professional help


  1. haha this is really funny. but seriously that guy does look like a douche so not surprising that he is kinda worried that u might potentially 'steal' his gf away from him, which tbh i'm quite convinced that u are able to do so, if u want to lol.

  2. nah, after he go suicide lea. i dun wanna be so bad la.

  3. I just can't stop laughing at this.

  4. Is the girl still friend with you? lol


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