Interview With Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester from Supernatural)

I used to watch Supernatural when I was back in Malaysia. I had the AXN channel back then and everyday without fail, I would be sitting in front of the TV joining the brothers Dean and Sam battling the forces of evil. The whole hell vs heaven thing never fails to excite me.

But those days were long gone since I came to Singapore. Supernatural has now moved into Season 6 and I've not watched any TV for more than six months already.

 Premiering on AXN Beyond (Starhub TV Ch 525) next Tuesday, May 17th, Supernatural Season 6 will see the return of the two handsome brothers to again fight the forces of evil. Yeah, I know Sam sort of sacrificed himself at the end of season five by locking up himself in hell but like all the shows out there, where's the fun if the hero dies and the story ends right? 

Thanks to IMSG and AXN Beyond, is proud to share with you, if you happen to be a big fan of the older handsome demon hunter Sam, an exclusive interview with him regarding the upcoming Season 6 of Supernatural. Now don't go drooling over him and flooding my blog for all you girls out there kay? Besides, I would get jealous.

AXN Beyond: So, Sam is in one messed up place right now.
JP: Sam is in a very messed up place, of all the messed up places that Sam has
been, this takes the cake. People always ask me how I want the show to end,
and I say, “I think it would be fun for Sam or Dean to die,” but then I’m like,
“Wait, Sam died. Dean died. We’ve both died.” So I don’t know if
there’s anything that can take us down. But I think spending some time in the
hole with Lucifer, Sam is pretty messed up.

AXN Beyond: So, are you good Sam or bad Sam?
JP: If I was to make a choice, I would say that to the audience, I’m bad Sam. But I
think to Sam, he’s good Sam. Not the way it was with the demon blood, where
it was obvious, but season 6 Sam is like the season 1 Dean, who is “shoot
first, ask questions later” – I don’t want to talk about my feelings and
emotions, whether I hurt, whether that person we just Devil-trapped died. It’s
like, “No, we got the demon. It’s fine.” It sucks, but there are casualties in war,
there is collateral damage. So this Sam is… he’s died a couple of times. He’s
been to Hell, he’s been to Heaven. I think now he’s like, “You know what? It’s
not on the cards for me to live a normal life, to have normalcy, to have a wife
and a kid, and go to Law school. So I guess I am going to try to do what I
know to be right.” And I can say I know, because I have been to Heaven, I’ve
been to Hell, I’ve been possessed by Lucifer. You can’t really get much bigger
than that. So now Sam is very tactical. Not that he’s heartless, but he feels
that doing his heart’s job is to protect people that can’t protect themselves,
whether there is some loss or some damages in the process, that’s the harsh
truth of the war I suppose.

AXN Beyond: Can you tell us how you get out of Hell?
JP: I’d love to, but I don’t yet know. I’ve been told that we’re not really going to get
into that until probably episode 9, 10 or 11. I’ve read up until episode 5, which
has been us obviously being weirded out by Sam being back, but hasn’t been
about trying to figure that out. We’ve accepted that Sam tried to figure it out
and couldn’t, Dean tried to figure it out, he couldn’t, and Bobby, and we
haven’t even seen Castiel yet. He comes in episode 4. But I think it’s going to
be one of the main arcs of the season, when we get around to it. All we know
for now is that Sam is back, and Sam doesn’t know how he’s back. It’s not a
secret he’s holding.

AXN Beyond: Coming into the series, as a whole, did you know you were getting into
this level of religious-type elements?

JP: The series? The whole series? I remember in season 1, I guess – in
“Touched” or “Houses of the Holy” – but it was the first time we talked about
Angels, and Sam thinks he sees an Angel. Maybe it was season 2 actually.
And I remember Jensen and I kind of got into it with (Eric) Kripke, and were
like, “What kind of show are we making, man? What are we doing here?” We
thought we set out to make this show about the monster-of-the-week, or
things that go bump in the night, a kind of meets .
Not that we didn’t want to get into it, but we didn’t know where the show was
going to go. We didn’t know that we were going to have a following like we do,
that we were going to have this interest, and I think he and I felt like the
writers could write the next day that we were burning crosses and stuff. We
just had a panic that, “What are we saying about religion?” because religion
means a lot to a lot of people, and we don’t want to start saying, “Here’s what
we think, here’s what Sam and Dean think.” We didn’t really know the story
that was going to be told. But now I am really excited about it. I think now, in
season 6, we can’t really stick with that, because where do you go after
you’ve thrown Lucifer into Hell, you’ve seen God and seen Archangels fighting
each other and killed a few and trapped a few in Hell, and run from a few in
Heaven? You can’t keep telling that story because it would get monotonous,
and I was going to say, unbelievable – as if what we are doing already is
believable – but it would just be a really big stretch of the imagination for too
long. So I like what we have done. We’re no long focusing on that. We’re not
denying it’s there, but it’s like we were devoutly, fundamentally religious for a
season or two, and now it’s more like we’re a normal person, that
acknowledges religion, knows that it’s there and what purpose it serves, and
the Angels are still involved – but we’ve got to do what’s right on this Earth,
and not have anything to do with Lucifer or Angels – that guy’s killing this guy,
this guy didn’t do anything, we have to deal with that guy. We’ll worry about
Angels and demons and Devils later. I think both Sam and Dean have been
burnt, or so they think, by the whole Angels and Devil madness. I think they
want to get away. But I certainly had no idea, going back to the pilot, and what
they thought the show was going to be, where we would be five or six years
later. Wow.

AXN Beyond: We can see Dean trying to live this white picket-fence life, but what is
Sam going to do to get Dean back over to the dark side?
JP: We find out in the premiere episode that a) Sam is back but also b) Sam has
been back for a while. So it’s like Dean comes out of Hell and says, “Where’s
Bobby? I need help. What’s going on?” but Sam comes out of Hell and says,
“Where was I before I was in Hell? Oh yeah, Dean promised me he’d go and
find Lisa then live a normal life.” So Sam said to himself, “It’s a harsh truth,
he’s my brother and I love him but I can’t be with him because I want him to
live a normal life. The life I always wanted.” Meanwhile, Sam thinks it’s in his
best interest to go hunt the things that go bump in the night but he doesn’t
want to take anything away from Dean. He thinks that Dean has earned his
normal life, his normalcy. Not that Sam doesn’t feel like he has earned it as
well, but I think Sam has tried it a few times and whether it’s been a demon or
a werewolf or girls burning on the ceiling, I think Sam’s like, “Do you know
what, I’m not going to mess anyone else up. I’m going to try to stay out of it.
I’m going to get my hunting done, what I’ve been born and raised to do and
move on from there.”

AXN Beyond: ‘Normal’ is over-rated.
JP: Normal is over-rated anyway. He’s gets to go to Hell and Heaven and be
possessed and stuff. Normal’s over-rated for Sam.

AXN Beyond: What monsters are you looking forward to taking out?
JP: I love the fact we are getting back into monsters, but it’s kind of like monsters
on steroids, things have kicked up a notch. We start figuring out that
something’s going wrong. It’s not just we’re hunting a shape-shifter, it’s not
just we’re hunting a werewolf or a Djinn or a zombie – we’re meeting the
Alpha werewolf, the Alpha shape-shifter, the ones who started it all – the big
baddies. We’re fighting “the big baddies”, so it’s a whole other cup of tea,
where we are going back and honouring our roots of the show that we set out
to be, but also kicking it up a notch and figuring out that we’re going to need
help from religion, from the Angels, in doing this. I have always loved shape-
shifters. I loved “Skin”, which was the first time we ever did a shape-shifter
episode. I just love the dynamic of not knowing whether someone is good or
bad. To me it’s more interesting than simple possession because it’s not that
your possessed, it’s that you’re not you. So I hope I get to explore some of
that this year.

Judging from the interview, I think we have a great season of Supernatural ahead of us. You don't always get a handsome guy returning from hell you know. I wonder if they would include me as their god brother in all those monster hunting? Perhaps I would make a great addition as another handsome monster hunter.

But then again, with my small body and lack of fitness, I think I could only survive one episode before getting eaten alive.


Supernatural Season 6 premieres 17 May 2011, every Tuesday at 9.50pm
First & Exclusively on AXN BEYOND (StarHub TV ch 525). 

Credits to AXN Beyond for the photos and interview


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