I wanted to blog about all the funny news associated with Malaysia today (like how they want to ban nasi lemak because is "causes" obesity and how Najib Razak indirectly says to the Malaysian Chinese, "Support MCA or else...") but I guess I'll pass since I have exam in 2 days and I'm not exactly the most prepared guy. In fact, I'm ill prepared. So I guess I'll pass on blogging for the day.

But... I do have something to share. Just to keep you loyal readers entertained. It's a video again of what would happen if Mario had a Portal Gun. If you have no idea what a portal gun is, it's a weapon from a really new cool game that creates a portal which you can travel between two points. Much like Doraemon's magical door.

Just Google it if you still don't understand. Anyway, here's the video:

You know what I would create a portal for? A portal between my room and the place where the exam scripts are placed. Or a portal between the bank's safety vault where they store all the money and my room so I can skip the first step.
Or just a portal to the all girls school near my place. Just so I can go there and destress. Bwahahaha...


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