Capture precious memories on your trip for 20% discount!

Capturing memories is an important part of traveling. Photos and videos allow us to revisit those happy vacation moments, which is why many of us put a lot of effort into documenting our trips.

With the growing popularity of 360 photos and videos, revisiting those trips seem to be easier than ever before. It also allows you to share your experience with friends and families too, as if they were at the location themselves.

However, the cost and effort of owning your own equipment is not something some of us could consider. Buying an equipment is expensive and maintaining them also takes effort and time. Besides, it's not always that we use those equipments. Most of the time they sit ignored in a corner of our room.

A cheaper and hassle-free alternative that you can consider is travel rental. One such provider that you can consider from Singapore is Leasany. During my previous trip to Korea, they have kindly loaned me a 360 camera to capture moments from my trip, and thanks to them, I was able to capture one such video below:

The whole process is easy and quick, and the rates are affordable too! No more buying expensive equipments on your own and letting them collect dust.

And from now to Jan 2019, use the code "lukey" on to enjoy 20% off rental services!


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