By My Side (JinnyBoyTV, 2017) Movie Review

I bought this movie from iTunes because I wanted to support JinnyBoy's first movie and it's probably my best purchase off iTunes. Granted, it's my only purchase off iTunes, but still, JinnyBoy did amazingly well for this movie. #MalaysianCinemaGotHope

The story mirrors the premise of the widely popular Taiwanese film Apple of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩), a story our first loves and growing up, this time told from a Malaysian's point of view.

The story hit home on a lot of fronts, about how we eventually grow apart, how we move on in life and how things change in life, and manages to balance out the humour and the emotions. Watching the movie made me think back on the path that I had taken since leaving Malaysia, and how life had changed so much since the last I was in the white and green uniform.

Love how the story got told, simple but yet strong on the message at the same time, and how they concluded the story. The movie didn't feel the need to explain everything in it, they just show the important parts and leave it to the audience to fill in the blanks. No long boring expositions.

Really beautiful and tear-jerking. The 2 hours of the film felt too short, to be honest, but I guess this is what good stories do. They always leave you wanting more. It got me sad too, reminiscing of my own story, my own regrets and what-ifs. But like how we choose to look at life sometimes, I like how the story ended off with a hopeful but yet bittersweet ending. That our first love is but a chapter in our life. It is not the end, you just have to just keep flipping the pages.

I highly recommend it for my fellow Malaysians who left our home to find a better life elsewhere and also to anyone who has been through relationships and goodbyes. And a very well done to JinnyboyTV for putting up such a superb movie. $20 well spent.


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