Justice League (2017) Film Review

[Spoiler-free review]

Went in expecting a mess like BvS, given the fairly negative reviews, but walked out somewhat satisfied that they didn't completely burn the whole movie down and am somewhat looking forward to the next one in the series, which should be more or less confirmed given the end credit scene.

(P/s: There are two end credits scenes so be sure to sit all the way to the end!)

Personally, I liked this movie more compared to Thor: Ragnarok, which was too comedic for me. I felt that there was a good balance between the dark and light elements in the film, contrary to the consistently dark theme that is the signature of Synder's films. Thank God they brought in Whedon, I guess.

The story is coherent without the film trying to inject too many tidbits and I enjoyed the team dynamics of the group. Miller's Flash is quite the comic relief while Momoa's Aquaman is just badass. Out of the entire group, I think that Miller and Momoa are cast quite aptly - Gadot's Wonder Woman is also without a question also one of the best cast - but Batman, Superman, and Cyborg are just meh. But 3/6, so I guess it's not too bad.

The final fight scene is a bit of disappointment, will elaborate later, but on a whole, I enjoyed watching the movie, unlike BvS where I was squirming in my seat. Between Avengers and Justice League, I would currently prefer Justice League now, because when it comes to movies, I prefer a little sense of realism in it.

Justice League, for now, is able to straddle this balance. There are deaths in the movie when the bad guy attacks and you can feel that there is a stake involved. Unlike the Marvel movies where the entire New York can get attacked with not even one mention of casualties, I prefer the approach that Justice League took. That you know, there are costs and loses when heroes fight.

Just don't go the Synder extreme of extremely dark and imposing.

Now on to the spoiler review.

[Spoilers ahead]

Thanos is secretly Thor's older brother. Just look at their names. Okay, but jokes aside, this review is gonna have spoilers. You have been warned.

I didn't like how Superman is constantly being portrayed as so OP in the movie. It's like the team could not function or defeat any bad guys without him. The film is about the Justice League, not Superman's League.

When Batman suggested bringing Superman back and when the presence of Superman essentially won the entire final boss fight which the whole team was struggling with, it kinda killed the mood of the movie. I mean like you guys are useless without Superman?

I mean I know how Superman is literally like the DC God, but seriously, his OP-ness is just taking the fun away from the movie. I would really love to see how each team member brings their own weight to the fight and having Superman carry the entire team is boring. If I want to see 1 person carry the entire team I would have watched a Dota Match.

Still, there are many nice moments in this movie. The part where the badass looking Aquaman started blurting out all his true feelings without knowing that he was sitting on the lasso of truth, it makes the movie feels so much more authentic and relatable. That these people are in fact a team. And it was fun to watch. That scene is perhaps the most memorable out of the entire movie to me.

I also liked how the movie featured the plight of a normal family living near the lair of the bad guy and how essentially the superheroes are their only hope of staying alive. Rather than just portray everything from the heroes' perspective, the movie chooses to highlight how all the big fights impact the lives of the smaller people, which I feel is something that is unique to the DC films, and drives home the theme of how a superhero fits in a world of normal people.

[Spoilers end]

Tbh, I do enjoy the direction that the Justice League movie took and I think it's worth watching. I just hope Synder won't turn it all around and make another cringey movie that is Batman vs Superman again.


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