[Short Story - Lame] Fastest Reaction

Original Prompt: You have one of the fastest reaction in the world. Your body reacts to something before your mind even realizes it. One day, your hands start doing the motion as if you were catching something. But you couldn't catch it. You do this for many years. After 10 years, you finally succeed.


"You know, if you're feeling cold, you can head into my house and warm up. My parents aren't home," Lucy smiled as she said that. Her finger twirled in her blond hair.

My heart skipped a beat seeing her smile. Out of all the girls in school, Lucy had the most radiant of them all. I looked into her house, then back to her. My hands dug deeper into my jacket. Lucy's invitation was tempting, but my mum's lessons on being a gentleman echoed in my mind.

I shook my head. "Nah, it's okay. Wouldn't be good if I do that."

"Oh," Lucy simply said, before going back into her house. Her smile was no longer there. "Goodbye then."

"Goodbye," I tried to say, but the door closed in front of me. I walked away, feeling proud of myself. It was a good date that evening. I had brought Lucy to the skating rink and the movies, and we both enjoyed our time together.

A few feet away from her house, however, my hands started to swing upwards, as if it was trying to catch something. It happened every fifteen minutes or so, palms outstretched, but never catching anything. And it continued throughout the weekend, then months, which evolved into years.

The condition baffled my parents and I. Doctors were not able to come up with an answer as well. Because of it, I was withdrawn from school, and I never saw Lucy again.

It was not until 10 years later, when I was browsing an AskReddit post, arms flinging beside me, when it hit me.

"She was asking me to go into her house so we could make out!" I shouted, alone in my mum's basement. My arm stopped shooting upwards, finally catching Lucy's intention.


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