[Short Story - Action] To end all journeys

There were a hundred of us. Spread throughout the earth when it was created, with no knowledge of where we came from, or who created us. We watched as the earth boiled, cooled, and life slowly sprang up. We were there when the first bipedals emerged, slowly evolving until they resembled us. The homo sapiens.

Then we realized that we may have been put unto earth for a greater reason, and so we integrated into society. We helped produce the fire, invented the wheel, built great structures like the pyramid. We thought that it was our divine purpose, to lift the homo sapiens to a greater plane of existence. We were treated as gods and kings.

Rightly so too. Because we were given the gift of immortality. The hundred of us shaped the course of humanity as we saw fit, creating civilizations, ending them, starting wars, writing history. But that was so long ago.

We thought we were doing good, preparing the humans for what was intended for them. We thought we were the conduit to salvation, enlightenment. But they never came. As the humans grew, they began to see that our gift as more of a bad omen, and started to hunt us down. I was there when they captured Annika. The few of us saw how they tortured her, pushed her limits, just to see the extent of her powers.

It was the first time we knew how immortal we are too. Burning, drowning, dismembering, even blending, we could survive all that. She tried to kill herself numerous times, but we were also immune to our own attempts to take our lives.

When we saved her, even though her body was intact, her mind was gone. She was... broken. It was then when we discovered that we could kill each other as well. It was Jareb who put a pole through her heart in frustration. To our amazement, Annika's wounds did not heal. She remained dead, like a normal human. More than half of us chose death that day.

The rest of us, we walked away. Too cowardly to finish each other off. Too selfish to lose what we had. The rest of us went into hiding, and that was the last I ever heard from anyone. Our decision that day did not leave any room for those who had a change of heart, which I did.

After a few centuries of living, I was bored and tired. Humanity, despite all the technological advancements, were still dicks. I tried to make the world a better place, but no matter how hard I tried, the world remained rotten. There were things that even an immortal cannot do.

Sick of everything, I wanted to call quits. But the remaining immortals, I did not have any idea of how to find them. With seven billion humans around the planet, there was no way I could accurately narrow anyone down. It was then when I devised my plan. To once again influence the course of events of the world.

"Sir, sir? There seems to be a dozen missiles headed our way, and our defenses are not built to stop them!" a voice interrupts me. I turn to see the worried face of General Lancaster, beads of sweat already running down his face. The alarms are going off around the base, and I spot several red dots on the monitor behind him, headed for our location.

General Lancaster is not wrong to be worried, as the missiles launched Russians and Chinese as a response to our all out preemptive attack will surely decimate our location. It is what I am hoping for,after all. I grin at the general. "I know."

He opens his mouth to ask me a question, but a loud flash of light interrupts him. A loud blast follows promptly, and I see him, along with the rest of the place, slowly disintegrate before me. Everything is over in an instant.

After the blast, my body slowly begins to recover, each cell bonding with each other. I feel my body rebuilding itself, like how it has always been. Just that I have never been annihilated in a nuclear blast before. Two hours passes and before I knew it, I am standing in what used to be my office, a brand new person.

As the dust settles around me, I walk out to the open field, and admire the ash filled sky. Even if any normal human being survived the initial blasts, the resulting nuclear winter, in the next couple of years, will surely kill them. And then, I can finally set on the journey to find my brothers again, and beg them to finally end my life.

I am sure they will.


Prompt: You are an immortal, tired of living. With the knowledge that no one can kill an immortal but an immortal, you set out on a journey to end all journeys, literally.


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