[Short Story] Monsters' Children Protection Agency (MCPA)

"So who's my next assignment?" Netherclaws asked as he stepped into Mr Closet's office. His giant feet brushed against the velvet carpet, enjoying the sensation from the soft fibers. He always enjoyed visiting Mr Closet's office, its chandeliers, grand oak furniture and a fireplace that was forever burning was a far cry from his usual workplaces.

Netherclaws pulled out one of the two chairs facing Mr Closet and sat on it. Despite the chair being almost two times the height of an average adult, it still felt small for him.

Mr Closet's eyes peered at Netherclaws from behind his black rimmed glass, before sliding a folder across the table. Netherclaws was one of the top agents in the firm, one of the rare few that received assignments from Mr Closet himself. Assignments that came in leather binded folders, instead of the usual app notification.

Netherclaws reached out for the folder, his six eyes catching a glimpse of the words "Priority Case" on the cover. He flipped open to the first page, to see a face of a human girl not older than seven. His next assignment. Her details were typed neatly across the page, detailing her name, age, location and what not. But he was not interested in those. His paws turned to the next page. The heading "Case Summary" was printed in bold on the header.

"Case of abuse and neglect by both her parents," Mr Closet suddenly piped out, as he observed Netherclaws. His hands were clasped beneath his scaly chin.

"But it's more than a classic abuse and neglect," Netherclaws interjected, as his eyes scanned the case summary, taking in the background and the circumstances of the case. The girl was not only abused by her father, there were mentions of he he charges other for other... services as well. Netherclaws felt his breath quickened as he read the details.

"Yes, as you can see, the father, not only abuses his daughter, but seeks to profit from her as well. And the mother is clearly in no position to help, being abused herself," Mr Closet continued.

"And that is where I come in," Netherclaws added.


"Consider it done," Netherclaws said, as he flipped to the back of the folder, the numerous photos of the girl looking back at him. Amy, she's called. "I'll make sure to keep her safe from those predators."

Mr Closet smiled at Netherclaws. "Good. Just make sure to... not be too violent this time, alright?"

"You know I can't guarantee that," Netherclaws replied, as he stood. He gripped the folder tightly below his arms, details of the case flashing in his mind. Despite his years of experience in the job, he still found it hard to understand how humans would find the heart and conscience to abuse one of their youngs, when they are supposed to protect them.

"You no longer have to be afraid, Amy," Netherclaws muttered to himself, as he exited the room.

And the humans called them the monsters.


Netherclaws eyed the house before him, two floors high, painted in white. Light shone out from the second floor windows. Other than the tall weeds growing on the front lawn, the house looked perfectly normal. Netherclaws grunted. They all do.

Netherclaws blended into the shadows, and slithered along the walls and up to the second floor. He knew exactly where to go, having studied his brief front to back several times. There was a reason why he was one of the best agents. He took his job seriously, seeing it as his chance to atone for his mistakes.

Amy's room was at the back of the house, just right beside the master bedroom where her tormentor slept. The house was quiet when Netherclaws entered, save for the sound of TV playing on the first floor. He made his way through the cracks of Amy's door, and slipped into the shadows under her bed. The place would be his new home for the rest of his deployment.

Amy was not in her room so Netherclaws made himself comfortable, and waited. Protocol dictated that monsters should always introduce themselves to their clients, to avoid scaring them. The ones who should be scared are the ones whom the monsters are protecting the children from.

Netherclaws decided that he would immediately introduce himself once Amy got back into her room. The file said that she was not schooling and she had no friends in school. Tonight, however, things would change, he told himself, as he made himself comfortable.

The door opened not long after, and from his hiding place, Netherclaws saw two pairs of legs enter the room. The first one was skinny and frail, and the second one hairy and rough. He did not have to guess which belonged to Amy. There was a third pair of legs however, leaning against the door, as Amy and the second person walked towards her bed. Netherclaws could hear her softly sobbing.

"For dear god, can you stop crying and actually do your job?" the person near the door suddenly yelled. Netherclaws took a peek out from under the bed and he instantly recognized the face of the man standing near the door, despite his longer hair and beard. It was none other than Amy's no good father.

The who was the person that entered the room with Amy? The sound of a belt unbuckling, followed by a zip being pulled down, answered Netherclaws question. The man on top of the bed grunted, and Amy let out a terrified cry. It was then when Netherclaws lost it.

He roared at the top of his voice as he shot out from the shadows, grabbing both Amy's dad and the man in one swoop, and in his rage, tore the both of them apart. Blood splattered everywhere. The two men were dead in an instant.

As Netherclaws stood there, panting, the two men's crumpled bodies on the floor, he spotted Amy on the bed, staring at him. He immediately regretted his decision, afraid that his actions may have caused more harm than good.

In her eyes, however, was not fear, but relief. She ran towards Netherclaws, and hugged him.

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