[Short Story] A World Without Men

Prompt: A Dystopian society where women have taken over and stored enough sperm to last them a million years. Scientists even figured out how to genetically engineer to make sure you always give birth to females. After giving birth privately in your home you notice something different on your child.

"You sure the baby is in this house?" Mike's voice echoed through the helmet's intercom, as the squad moved stealthily through the trees.

"Yes, according to our source."

"And what source could that be?" Mike asked, skeptical. They had been falsely led several times over the past few years, each incident resulting in several casualties.

Though they did managed to take down several of the enemy, numbers were not on The Resistance's side. Sacrificing more men for false flag operations is not what Mike preferred. Still, he understood the dire need of these Seek and Retrieve operations. The Resistance's lifeline depended on it.

"The mother's," the voice at the other end announced. "She just gave birth less than a week ago, and she's desperate for us to help before the Sisterhood notices."

Mike sighed under his helmet. As one of the oldest veterans in the team, he remembered a time when men could walk freely among women. A period of equality and respect. Not this brutal, repressive regime. But all that seemed too long ago, only a hazy memory.

"Roger that," he said to his mouthpiece. His hand made several movements to the squad members around him, and they moved into their respective positions, hidden in darkness. Satisfied, he moved through the backyard of their target, quickly but silently.

As he approached the backdoor, his left hand reached for his pistol, while his right hand tapped on the wooden door. Three quick taps, followed by three slow taps, and then two quick taps. There was a moment of silence, his pistol aimed straight at the door. The last operation he went, the whole door was booby-trapped by the Sisterhood. The poor sergeant never stood a chance.

After what seemed forever, taps echoed from behind the door. Two quick, three slow and three quick. The signal. He heard a soft click as the door unlatched. His free hand slowly pushed the door open, which creaked a little too loudly in the silence of the night. He quickly slipped in through the door, to be met with a woman dressed in a simple t-shirt and shorts. Her blonde hair glowed strangely in the darkness of the house, her face framed in a petite heart shape.

But Mike was not there for her. He shifted his gaze to the baby in her arms, sleeping soundly in a sheet of folded cloth. His package for the night. As he stepped forward to retrieve the baby, he noticed that the mum's eyes were still red. She hesitated in handing the baby over.

"Will he be safe?" the mother asked. A question that so many others have asked Mike before.

Mike merely nodded, as he holstered his pistol to carry the baby. The boy stirred lightly, his face momentarily turning into a frown. Perhaps he knew that he was no longer able to see his mum. Mike wanted to assure the mother more, but the voice from HQ interrupted him.

"You gotta get out of there soon Mike, we have a couple Nightsisters coming in." His heart sank at the mention of the famed femme fatale squad.

He turned to leave, but the mum tugged at his sleeve. "Will I see my baby again?" she asked, tears flowing down her cheeks this time. It reminded Mike of his wife.

"You will know," Mike simply said, ignoring the pain that was shooting through his heart. He quickly made his way out from the house, mindful to not leave any evidence behind. Within minutes him and his squad would have disappeared into the night, just like how they first appeared. If anything, the Sisterhood would just subject the young mother to a series of interrogation, without the brutal reeducation class. Mike hoped HQ has been clean in covering their tracks.

The last thing he wanted was for an innocent mother to bear the cost of their mistake. Not every female was their enemy. And if everything turned out well, perhaps one day they would return to the old way of life, and Mike could finally meet his wife again. But for now, they had no choice but to resist.


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