[Short Story] The Adventures of Sir Minion

"Daddy, daddy, tell us a bedtime story!" two childlike voices screamed as they jumped around their beds. Standing not far from the door was Mike, exhausted from the day's work, his shadow cast dully against the plastered wallpaper.

Mike gave a tired smile, and sat himself on one of the small beds, covered in a Disney princess sheet. The two girls, Laura and Jenny, gathered around Mike. His hands patted one of their heads. "Now, what story do you want me to tell?"

The older girl's hand shot up. "I want a story about daddy's day!"

"Yes, I want it too!" the younger girl echoed.

"Alright, alright," Mike said, "I will tell you the story of daddy. But lets call him Sir Minion for the story, shall we?"

"Okay!" the two girls shouted in unison.

Mike smiled again, seeing both his daughters eyes fixed on him. Adjusting his voice to make it sound more dramatic, he began the story. "Long ago, there lived a daddy called Sir Minion."

"But Daddy, you're just right here," Jenny interrupted.

"Now Jenny, what did daddy said before about bedtime stories?"

"Shh-!" Laura hushed her sister.

"Sorry daddy."

"It's okay," Mike replied, rubbing Jenny's head. "Now, where was I? Ah yes, Sir Minion." The room's yellow lamp flickered slightly above them.

Mike continued. "Now Sir Minion is one of the Royal Knights of the Oglivy Nation, in charge of spreading the capitalist message far and wide."

Laura's hand shot up again. "Daddy, what's a capitalist?"

"It's what you see during commercial breaks, Laura, that ask you to buy things. You'll understand it when you're older." Laura nodded.

"So now, being a Royal Knight in Oglivy is not an easy job. At exactly 7am, Sir Minion's trusty sidekick, Siri, rang to wake Sir Minion up, just like every other day. But today, however, today was different." Mike dropped his voice to a whisper.

Jenny whispered back. "What's different, daddy?"

"Well, today was a big day for Sir Minion. King Oglivy, also the boss of Sir Minion, has decided to send a delegation over to the Kingdom of Nike, in order to win over King Nike's trust. And Sir Minion was chosen to be the Royal Knight to head delegation."

"Was the journey hard, daddy?"

"Of course," Mike replied. "Sir Minion had to ride his trusty stallion across the land, dodging the enemies sent by the commute out to stop him. They all tried to smash into Sir Minion's stallion, big dragons, trolls and the evil BMWs, but none of them were successful, because Sir Minion knew the rules of safety driving."

Jenny's head was lying on Mike's thigh now, while Laura's rested in between her palms.

"After hours of torturous journey, Sir Minion finally arrived at the great golden gates of the Nike Castle. He was immediately ushered to meet King Nike. It turns out that in order to win over King Nike's trust, Sir Minion had to engage in a life-or-death duel with the fearsome Finance Dragon."

"Having come so far, Sir Minion was not keen to fail his mission. He took out his trusty Excel Shield and Powerpoint Sword, and challenged the Dragon to a fight to the death. The dragon snapped and breathed fire at Sir Minion, but with years of training, Sir Minion managed to dodge each of the Dragon's attack before finally stabbing it through the heart with his ultimate attack, the Case Studies Slam."

"With the Finance Dragon dead, the Nike King was very happy, and decided to reward Sir Minion readily with a box of treasure. Sir Minion brought the treasure back to Oglivy Nation, and everyone lived happily ever after."

Both Laura's and Jenny's eyes were half-closed, and Mike moved away from the bed. He carried Laura over to her bed, carefully tucking them both in. After he was done, he tiptoed towards the door.

"Daddy, why does Sir Minion do what he does even though it sounds to hard?" came Laura's voice.

Mike stared across the room, at the two tiny figures beneath the blanket. "Because he has two beautiful princess at home. And he wants to give them the best life that he can," he whispered back, before turning off the light.

"And daddy?" another voice came from the darkness.

"Yes, Jenny?"

"Your story is bad."

Mike chuckled. "Goodnight, my princesses.

"Goodnight, Daddy."


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