[Short Story] Santa's Red Nose Protocol

"Amy, you need to stay here and rest," you tried to sound firm this time, but your voice betrayed a hint of tiredness.

"But mommy, I feel alright! And I want to see Santa! It's the holidays!" Amy coughed and wheezed as she tried to finish her sentence, but she was insistent. She clung to your feet, and you can't help but to stroke her now balding head. You miss her blonde curls. The energy that she used to have.
In your eyes, however, she's still beautiful as ever, and you loved her just the same.

You gave a long sigh, but finally relented. "Alright, but you promise to be a good girl after that, alright?"

Amy nodded, albeit with a weak smile. You smiled back. Amy was right. It was the holidays after all. Both Amy and you could use a break.

The hospital was adamant that Amy stayed indoors, but you managed to convince them otherwise. Just a day, you pleaded, so that Amy could at least enjoy the festivities. They made you sign a bunch of papers, which you gladly did. Before you knew it, you were already in the mall with Amy, waiting in line to see Santa Claus.

"So, what are you going to wish for?" you asked Amy playfully, her small hands wrapped in yours.
Amy, dressed in a thick Avengers sweater, pointed to her shirt and giggled, "I want to be a superhero, just like them!"

You laughed. "Well, lets see what Santa has to say..."

Before you could finish your sentence, an alarm blared across the shopping mall. Windows shook. Screams broke out in the distance, while people looked quizzically around. There was a sound of an explosion, followed by tires screeching. Amy gripped your hands tighter.

"Mummy, what's wrong?"

You had no idea. You looked towards the entrance, hoping to figure it out. You suddenly saw soldiers in full combat armor rushing towards Santa in the middle, forming a defensive circle. The leader of the group threw a rifle to Santa, and shouted "They're coming!" so loud that the whole mall could hear.

To everyone's surprise, Santa grabbed the rifle, shouted something about a Red Nose Protocol, and walked directly towards you and Amy. He extended a hand towards Amy, flashing a smile towards her. "Hi Amy, sorry for the commotion, but I'm Santa."

Amy shook his hand and responded in an unsure manner, "I know." You pressed her shoulders to assure her.

Santa then knelt down, facing Amy directly. "Well, let me keep this short. Right now, it seems that the goblins under King Grinch have escaped from their underground lairs, trying to steal Christmas. Your mum has never told you before, but you're secretly have powers. Powers you never knew about."

The soldier beside Santa nodded in agreement.

"Does that make me a superhero?" Amy asked excitedly. You saw a spark in her eye that you've not seen in a long time. Ever since she got this disease.

Santa winked. "I guess so," he said as he took out a wand from his jacket and passed it to Amy. "Here, take this." It sparkled under the mall's lighting. "This is all very sudden, but I need your help to defeat the goblins. Can you help me do this, Amy?"

"Yes," Amy squealed in delight. She turned towards you, as if asking for permission, when there was really no need to. You smiled and nodded. "Go get them, baby," you said. And off she went with Santa, together with the group of soldiers. You followed closely behind, worried.

Outside, green hideous looking creatures were already approaching the mall. It looked like a scene from Hollywood movies. Some of the soldiers were firing their guns at them. The shots seemed to have no effect on the monsters, other than to slow them down a little.

You turned towards Amy, who was now making her way to the front, with Santa by her side. "Now, Amy!" you heard him shout.

Amy pointed her wand at one of the goblins, shouted a phrase, most likely was just taught by Santa. To your amazement, the chest of the creature Amy pointed to made a popping sound, followed by a flash of light, and it then stumbled unto the ground.

Encouraged by the sight before her, and by Santa and his team of soldiers, you saw Amy energetically dispose of one goblin after another. She was genuinely enjoying herself.

Amy, your little angel, ravaged by a disease she did not understand, now brimming with excitement as she "saved the world" with her newfound powers. Something that she has always dreamed of. Looking at the scene, your eyes began to feel watery. You tried to wipe the tears away, but you just couldn't contain it. You ran towards a nearby corner, sat on the floor and began to wept uncontrollably. A whole mixture of emotions just overwhelmed you.

A guy who was also nearby, walked up and sat beside next to you. He wrapped his arms around you, and slowly stroke your shoulder.

"Thank you," you muttered in between sobs, "for agreeing to fulfill Amy's last wish."

He gave you an empathetic smile."Don't worry about it," he replied simply, "it's the least that we can do for her."

[WP] Prompt: https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/5ddlle/wp_while_waiting_in_line_so_your_kid_can_get_a/


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