[Short Story] Assassin of Kings

[WP] Most people forget their past lives when they are reincarnated, except you. In fact you perfectly remember killing Both Kennedy and Lincoln

When I ran the blade across my father's throat, a blade that had been given to me by my dearest mother, forged from gold with its hilt decorated in the most splendid of jewels, he had been having one of the harems that he so enjoyed.

I could still remember it vividly, my father's shocked eyes as he saw me holding the blade, blood gushing from his throat. My very first kill. My mother had promised me the throne after I completed the deed, having made arrangements with other members of the royal family.

But we had sadly underestimated the power of my brother and my stepmother. Far from killing them as we intended, we had been betrayed, having been the unwitting pawns of a grander scheme. In killing my father, I had literally handed the crown to my brother with no opposition to challenge him. And in a final boast, he took the name of my father, Ramesses IV.

Those who supported us were quickly dispatched. My mother, accused of being the mastermind, was burnt as a punishment to deny her of the afterlife.

In hindsight, it may have been a blessing instead. I, on the other hand, was cursed by brother to forever walk this earth, denied the joys of either an afterlife or the closure of a permanent death.

Cursed to become a killer of kings, the reaper of dynasties. Cursed to forever repeat the cycle. Born anew, only to murder.

I had tried once to resist. Under the name of John Wilkes Booth. My life was had been great starting out. I had a loving family, a bright future. But the whispers of the curse never really grow silent.

I had vehemently tried to pursue a career that would lead me away from the curse, but it had a life of its own. The priests and priestess' magic was not one to be easily countered. The more I tried running away from it, the more it consumed me. How it stoked feelings of anger and hatred inside of me. How it breath life into the conflict that consumed the entire nation the more I tried to run away from it.

The relief I felt when I finally pulled the trigger, the soft sweet kiss from the curse when I finally gave in. When I finally stopped resisting.

Julius Caesar, John F Kennedy, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Emperor AnkĊ. They are but a list of achievements that accompany me into each life, names forever etched in my mind, casualties of my curse.

Killer of kings. The end to dynasties. Harbinger of change. That was curse bestowed upon me. One that I will gladly accept in each life that I was born into. The era that I'm born into.

Seeing how things are turning out in 2016, I am positively sure that my target will be made apparent soon. The cycle has to continue.


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