[Movie Review] Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name

Great movies are those which draw you in, transport you to an entirely different world, make you forget about time - as if you're in the movie itself. Kimi No Na Wa does it so flawlessly through its beautiful settings and art, relatable characters, great music and masterful story telling that by the time the movie ends, it leaves you wanting more.

I loved how the story is told, how it leaves you guessing at every turn and how it keeps you entertained with the small jokes here and there, how the twists jump at you at the just right moment, and how it tugs at your emotions. I loved the art direction, the way the music intertwines with the movie. It's very hard looking for things to dislike about the movie.

No summary of the story though, because part of the magic is discovering the story yourself. I went in the movie having not watched any trailer, read any synopsis, and I was utterly blown away by it. In the best way possible. So I would highly recommend just going to watch the movie and avoid any spoilers at all, as unexpected reveals pepper the whole movie throughout.

I would say this though: watch it with someone special, particularly your SO or your crush. Because Kimi No Na Wa is a beautiful story about finding love. Of that yearning that we each feel. And please watch it in a cinema. You can thank me later.

Would definitely watch the movie a second time, and would definitely buy the soundtracks. 10/10.


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