My #GoBearDream: Financial Freedom

Debt is a scary word. It's even a scarier situation to be in. I know it, because at the young age of 23, I had the unfortunate experience of being saddled with student debt, something that continues to affect me until today.

If given a choice to go back in time, I wished someone would have told me more about this entire debt thing. Maybe teach me a thing or two about getting out of debt effectively. Because life can be quite a downer when you constantly have to worry about having enough balance in your bank account for the monthly debt repayment.

Nevertheless, being in debt did teach me valuable life lessons, with one of it being the importance of not spending beyond your own means. And slowly that life lesson evolved into a goal and dream that I want to have in life: To be able to live freely without worrying about my finances or money.

Not many people may realise this, but when you spend beyond your means, for example recklessly charging your credit cards without any serious financial planning, you're essentially borrowing from your future. And if you're not careful, you may find yourself being a slave to repaying your debt.

Many people have fallen into this kind of trap, only to have their lives severely limited by the money they owe others. Without financial freedom and planning, you may not be able to do a lot of things in life. Travels, hobbies and passion may all be need to put on hold.

Which is why my dream is to be financially free. To be able to do what I want in life without the worry of money. Because when money is the last concern, the possibilities are endless.

What's your dream in life?

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