The struggle after work

They say psychologists can read minds. Which may be why I overheard this conversation going on in a guy's head during the trip home back home today.

Brain: So what do you think of the article you just read? That what you do after work determines your success?

Heart: It makes sense and boy, am I pumped up. When we get home, we're gonna read, we're gonna take one of those free courses, we're going to do all these things that will make us a better person. Think of the end result! We're gonna be so much better than where we are at now!

Brain: You really sure you can do this? Because this is not the first time...

Heart: Of course we are! We need to do this after all. It's what we need to do to improve. Imagine all the opportunities that lie ahead if we can pick up a second language in our free time! Or even if we can learn to code!

Brain: You do know it's not going to be easy right? You have to put in the hours, the hard work and the discipline to even remotely achieve some semblance of success. Sometimes there's even nothing to reap what you've sow. It's not an easy...

Heart: Are you doubting me? Don't underestimate my motivation. We're gonna go home today, and we're gonna better ourselves. I don't care about the hard work, I am willing to do it.

Brain: If you say so...

Heart: You know what, I'm too tired after a hard day's work today. Can we rest a little first, maybe play games or watch a show first?

Brain: Sigh.

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