Top 10 Korean Cosmetics you can buy in Singapore

Written by Dawn Chan.


Korea is adored for many reasons. Its delicious food, talented K-pop bands, Descendants of the Sun and innovative products. Korean cosmetic products are no exception, especially here in Singapore,where it is one of the popular cosmetic choices.

However, with so many Korean cosmetics brands out there, what are some of the top brands here in Singapore? Here's our top ten pick of the most popular Korean cosmetic brands that you can buy in Singapore:

Known best for its Perfect Cover B.B. Cream, Missha has had expansive growth since its founding in 2000. With 500 products under its belt and more than 400 stores around the world, Missha aims to sell high end cosmetic prodcust at an affordable price.

Its Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is especially popular due to its two in one purpose of skincare and cosmetics.In addition to protecting the skin from the sun, it also helps to with treating dark spots and preventing wrinkles. For more on Missha, click here.

Mention Etude House and one of the first things that may come to mind is their brightly coloured pink shops, which is their signature look that makes them distinct from other brands. Etude House brings a vibrant and young vibe into their products. Their products ranges from skincare to makeup, all designed to make their customers feel like a princess. More on Etude House here.

Another of Korea's high end cosmetic brands, It's Skin aims to combat aging and keep skin healthy in an unconventional way: Snail Serum. Popular products from this brand include its white and red snail cream, snail masks, snail toner and lotion. Several of these products are best sellers in the Korean cosmetics market which are its Yellow Mask, designed to accelerate skin regeneration to keep skin looking healthy, and its BB Cream, made to reduce the appearance of pores and acne scars. To learn more of other products under this brand, clink here.

Did you know? Not only is LG a maker of electronic products, it is also the company behind another of Korea's popular cosmetic brand, The History Of Whoo. If you're wondering why the elegant packaging and the logo design, it's because Whoo means Empress in Korean, and the products uses include keeping skin youthful. Whoo's products combines both Eastern and Western beauty secrets together, and its ingredients comprise of deer antler, angelica root and wild thyme. To view more of Whoo, click here.

Founded in 1967, Sulwashoo is one of Korea's oldest cosmetic brands. Famous for its medicinal herbal skincare regime, Sulwashoo blends indigenous medicinal herbs through traditional Korean methods to give nourished and healthy complexion. Its concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream was once selected as "BG Best Pick" and the brand prides itself for its time-tested methods. You can find out more on Sulwhasoo here.

Borrowing its name from the Greek goddess, HERA is perhaps best known for its UV Mist Cushion. Its products are customised to fit varying skin needs of customers, from sensitive to dry skin issues. For more on HERA, click here.

One feature that jumps out when you think of Tony Moly is the way the products are packaged. Don't be deceived by its looks however, because in addition to looking cute, they also pack a punch. The brand has been around more than a decade and one indication of Tony Moly success is its string of awards, which include K Beauty Awards and also the Allure Beauty Award. To learn more about Tony Moly, click here.

Other than Etude House, Skin Food is another Korean cosmetic brand that has its flagship store around Singapore. Skin Food has been around since 1957, an experienced player in the cosmetic field, and boasts of numerous products under its range that has been famous for generations. Skin Food's products are primarily made using organic herb and fruits, which aims to provide natural skin care. To view more on the brand, click here.

One of the household names when it comes to Korean cosmetic brands in Singapore, Laneige's philosophy lies in its water science, where it aims to become the water expert in the industry. Its name meaning "snow" in French, Laneige's products help to bring about clean and sophisticated beauty and the confidence of youth. To view more on the brand, click here.

Perhaps the top player in the Korean cosmetic field, Innisfree is immensely popular for its all-natural ingredients, so far so to have its own green tea plantations to support its products. Its organic products are certified by France's ECOCERT organization, one of the few Korean cosmetic branches to do so.

Its green tea series are undoubtedly the most popular line of products, but Innisfree also boasts of numerous other best sellers that are geared towards women's various needs, such as moisture, anti-aging and healthy-looking skin. Perhaps what's more interesting about Innisfree is that it also owns five teahouses and a tea museum. To learn more about Innisfree, go here.

Looking at the numerous brands out there, one can safely say that, in addition to K-pop, K-beauty is another Korean trend that is emerging. Do you agree with our picks for the Top 10 Korean Cosmetic Brands in Singapore? Let us know if there's any brand that you think we missed out and share with us your favourite Korean cosmetic brand.

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