If complaining is bad for our health, why do we still complain?

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Complaining is bad for your health, research confirms. Not a surprising finding. After all, some of the most bitter people are avid complainers in life, who sucks any joy or positivity from the people around them. They grumble about everything in life, refuses to see any good and is just a downer to be around. Even if you throw them a bar of gold they'll still complain that it's heavy.

But yet, why do we still complain? Why do some of us make it our hobby to complain? You don't have to look far from Singapore to see this.

Perhaps it's the easier way to deal with problems. Perhaps it stems from a privileged mentality since young. Perhaps complaining is a more primitive emotion, like how a child first learns how to complain before giving thanks. Where gratefulness is something that needs to be instilled, whereas complaining comes naturally without practice.

Perhaps this is why many of us are unhappy. Because despite overwhelming evidence out there that supports the benefits of gratitude, it's not something that we actively inculcate in our society. It's not good for politics or capitalism if we're content with what we have.

So society creates this gap where we're constantly unhappy, where the person next to us is better than us. Because when we complain, we feel that there's something missing. And when there's something missing, we try to compensate for it by doing something. Either we buy stuff or we lash out at others. A culture of complaining helps politicians stay in power (no politicians is going to get elected saying that everything is good) and helps fuel the economy.

And in essence, from the gap that complaining creates, it fuels humanity's progress too. For example Edison may have created the light bulb because he was complaining about how hard it is to light candles (as the popular story goes).

Sad right? Because how sometimes you need something negative to keep society progressing and how nothing is truly black and white?

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