Day 143 of 2016 [Lukey]

Just what is life, exactly? There's no right answer to it. To some, it's about glory and fame. To make your mark in the world, to be instantly recognized wherever you go. To others, it about doing good. To make the world a better place to live in, to bring a smile unto others and to spread kindness. Then there are those who wants to impose their way of truth in the world, to make others follow what they want.

There's no one answer to what life is, and ideally, everyone should be entitled to their own opinion on life. That's what makes humanity unique after all. That no one is the same. Where we all are free to choose our own happiness.

However, with the age of globalisation and the spread of information, our perspective on life seemed to have narrowed. That there should be one pathway to success, one answer to life. And it's getting scary. But then again, this is how the powerful makes us adhere to their version of life. because if everyone is content, there would not be a divide in power.

The ruling class needs to create a gap or a chase in other to continue ruling.

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