Life is like a game of cards

You can complain about all the unfairness in life. Or you can choose to make the best out of it with what you have.
But what about those who are really luckier than those of us. Who can enjoy life without having to lift a finger? Like the children of China's elites, the fu er dai.

Or those who are naturally talented, who can achieve more with less effort compared to the rest of us? Like that one guy who doesn't study but always aces his exam. Or that high-flying girl who can do everything, from music to founding companies to writing.
But that's how life is, you see. It's no different than a game of cards.
When you're born, like Bridge or Hearts, you're handed a set of cards. These cards are your genes, your family, your country and everything around you that you have no control over when you're born.

The luckier ones of course gets a very good hand. They have all the kings and aces, all the flush and combo. Good looks, wealthy family and access to countless opportunities are among their cards.
And if you're not really lucky, you'll get handed cards that you have no idea how to play.
Round after round you'll see your opponents get further away from you, while you're struggling to just keep up.
Eventually you'll have a choice: Keep playing and make the best out of the situation, or you can fold and just give up.
I'll be honest, I'm a person who complains when I don't get a good hand of cards. I'm the annoying person who shouts "That's not fair!" in games when there's an imbalance or when I'm faced with a disadvantage. Real life is no different.
I compare upwards, and will think that life is unfair when faced with those who are more privileged.
But no matter how much you complain, things are more likely to remain the same than undergo any change. There's no referee or authority figure who will step in and ask everyone to share, because life is not a kindergarten playground.
What you can do, or perhaps can only do, is to play your cards to the best of your ability and hope by the end of everything, things will turn out the best that it can. And I guess that is what life is about. Seeing how well we can play our cards.


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