This Is A Takeover!

Hello everyone. :)
Today, you might notice something different.
Today, you might notice the post is going to be a little bit egocentric. Yes, just a teeny weeny bit.
Today, you might notice that THIS IS A TAKEOVER!!! Muahahahahahaha!

So here are 5 reasons why is the best blog ever.
Or, rather, why the founder, owner, and main author of this blog is a wonderful person.
Sometimes, we view others with disdain, with judgmental eyes, with doubts we may have.
Very few times in our lives do we appreciate the people around us, the people we interact with, or even appreciate the struggles and stories of each and every person on the street. 

Even rarer are the times when we learn and consciously choose to appreciate ourselves.
I am guilty of that. I look down on myself a lot, not in the hopes of fishing for compliments. But because quite honestly, I do not see myself as that great a person or that capable.

So today, we are going to appreciate ... Lukeyishandsome. 
Because everyone deserves to be appreciate; every Tom, Dick, and Harry, every Jane, Mary, and Martha. (Especially the people you hold dear to your heart.)

1. Lukey is handsome

Lol no kidding. I actually think Lukey really is quite handsome. Sure, he is a bit on the nerdier side, but you know, nerds are actually quite attractive. 

Certain segments of the female population (and okay, let's be fair; the male population too) are attracted to guys like Lukey. All the spectacles wearing, all the fats in the stomach (hehehehehe), all the computer gaming (okay this does annoy some girls a bit), and I guess, for me, what attracts me the most is just his inability to be this muscular, handsome guy who speaks so fluently, flirts so well, and is so good with his tongue (okay by this I mean his speaking skills lah don't get all dirty minded). 

Yes, all his nerdy qualities attract me so. So to nerdy/un-buff/un-romantic/un-charismatic guys out there who say girls do not like guys like yourselves, please, take Lukey is handsome as an example. Because goodness knows, Lukey is handsome has a lot of work to do to up his romance game. =.=

2. Independent

Having come all the way to a foreign country all by himself when he was only in his second decade of life is extremely remarkable and highly respectable. Having to survive and adapt to a whole new culture is a huge step to take, and having to do it by himself, without his family and old friends (but thanks to all his E friends who stuck by him!) really is not easy and cannot be just glanced across. 

Where else can you get the best training in life to learn to be independent, to learn to provide for yourself, yet at the same time, learn to carve out a career and a life for your own, on your own? Now, almost at a quarter of a century, I still cannot tell the difference between CTE and PIE. Therefore, Lukey is handsome is truly independent, and a quality I so dearly love. He knows Singapore more than many Singaporeans know Singapore themselves. I can attest to that.

3. Husband Material

My grandfather does most of the cooking and cleaning. And you know what they say! If you are a girl, you will marry someone like your father, and if you are a guy, you will marry someone like your mother. In this case, I am going to marry someone like my grandfather hahahaha. I tell you, he does the toilet cleaning and floor cleaning at his own home. At my home? I do the cleaning of my own room once in a blue moon (many thanks to my lovely mother). 

He cooks too! I can't even cook rice okay. Okay lah I can, but my mum will complain why my rice so wet or so dry. I can cook eggs though! :D Lukey is handsome can whip up some amazing instant noodles hahahahaha. And if you think instant noodles are foolproof, apparently they are not. Sure, I can cook instant noodles, but somehow, they just do not taste as good as my grandfather's, or my mother's, or  Lukey is handsome's. Anything I touch turns out bad. I cannot cook, and my friends will know I absolutely cannot bake, even when I follow the recipe to the letter. 

Lukey is handsome is husband material because not only does he put the crab on the table (not bread on the table, because he does not like bread. So he puts crab on the table) because he is obviously having much more of a career than I am having right now (okay lah given he had a two year head-start), he has voluntarily offered to do all the cooking, cleaning, and disciplining of our future children. What I offered to chip in? Training and walking our future dog, Chewie. 

Think I got a good trade there. :D

4. Logical

He is honestly the most logical person I have ever come across. In every argument or debate that I have seen him take on with other people, or with me, I have not found a point of his that when I rebuked, he could not rebuke back. Before I met him, I have always prided myself in knowing my stand on many issues, and knowing how to counter every argument that I could imagine had gotten thrown at me to counter my own arguments. 

When he agrees with your points, he agrees. Many people would just argue back even though your points make perfect sense. He doesn't. He acknowledges them. 

He takes great pains to do research, and lots of thinking, before he comes to his own conclusion and stand. Any time before that, he will be comfortable to just say "I don't know (yet)". 

While a Christian, he has many points that though unconventional, make perfect sense. Because of him, I have had my own views challenged, but in a good way. My world view has widened, and I am less judgmental and more accommodating, accepting, and loving of others' and their viewpoints.

Pretty amazing, I must say; of his mind, his ability to think outside the box (have you read his short stories before? You really should), his ability to think deeper within the box, and his amazing ability to love others unlike oneself. Absolutely embodying Jesus' command to love thy neighbour as thyself. 

5. Loving

And this is the final point; he is loving. This is as mentioned in the previous point. This is a point by itself, and is the point that I am going to conclude with as to why I think Lukey is handsome really is a man lovingly made by God who deserves to be appreciated in some way, his goodness made known. And why is being loving so important? Because to me, love is what makes the world go round.

Love was what made Jesus go to the Cross.
Love was what made God sacrificed His only Son.
Love is the component of the two greatest commandments: to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength" And the second? "Love your neighbour as yourself." "There is no commandment greater than these."


So while sometimes you really do piss me off, I just want to say, you are so beautiful in your own way, in God's eyes, and in mine. And I just want to say that sometimes when we encounter hurdles, I want to give up. Because then the pain is so great, so dark, so difficult to bear, so traumatising and destructive. 

Yet, it is only because I love you, that I feel all those pain. You are God's greatest gift to me in recent years, and I thank God for you.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."



Introducing a new writer to this blog from now on,
Yours Truly,
Dawnie ^.^v


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