Dayre Random Thoughts: Tourists from hell and cycling

Funny how that even after the Chinese government tried to clamp down on unruly Chinese tourists abroad, things like this still happen. 

It's not that PRCs are inherently rude or obnoxious though. Just look across the strait to Taiwan and you'll find a vastly different culture there. 

I just guess when you decide to purge an entire generation of intellectuals (hint: Cultural Revolution), this is one of the side effects. But I'm just guessing.
I'm seldom genuinely happy for others. You're one of then :)
Guess where? 

Hint: A ministry lies in this building.
Sometimes (wait I think it's most of the time) we just have to stick it through life and hope that things work out in the end. 

Life is like a cycle, don't you think? Day in day out, we do the same thing in hopes of making it to another day. More so when you're working 9 to 5.

I miss school days now but come to think of it, I used to hate school when I was in it too. Also mainly because of the repetitive cycle. 

I guess cycling in general is not something we humans are fond of. But sadly only the privileged are afforded the luxury to fly.
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