Dayre Random Thoughts: Reacting to the Taiwan beheading

It's sad to read news like this. It's even sadder to know that the man has a history of mental illness. It's a senseless killing and the girl was simply at a wrong place at a wrong time. 

A lot of people are calling for "justice", but I don't think there's any justice to be served here, if the man didn't even know what he was doing at that time. No motive of the killing has been released yet so far.
The Taiwanese parliament is proposing to bring back death sentence, but it's more of a knee-jerk reaction that doesn't address the real problem here: mental illness.
Capital punishment works if you're a sane person who's able to deduce the consequences of your actions logically. But when your thinking ability is affected, like how you would when you're having mental illness, death may be the last concern on your mind. You may don't even care.
Death penalty only works when you're afraid of death.

The more important question that needs answering is how a mentally unstable man, who already has years of documented issues, not receive the attention or support that he needed?
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