Dayre Random Thoughts: Lighting up at Marina Bay

Where did the long weekend go? I have not sleep enough yet :(

Still, since we have not dated for quite a while (think it's three weeks?), Dawn and I decided to go on a mini-adventure today. Better than to sit at home and nua the day away, I guess.

And since there was a cherry blossom display at Gardens by the Bay and the last night of i Light, our choice was clear.
If you can't visit the cherry blossom in Japan, make the cherry blossom cone to you. Sounds like pretty good idea for a Sunday activity, except that someone forgot to tell us the crazy amount of crowd that was going to be there.
Out of the numerous times I visited the Flower Dome, this was the first time we had to follow a queue while inside. It was like attending Halloween Horror Nights at USS. The crowd was so bad that you have literally queue to take picture of a flower.
But still, it was my first seeing a sakura flower up close so I guess I got that going for me. 

And the staff did a really good job with the crowd control, so no complaints there.
Our second order for the day was the i Light festival, but because it only starts at 7.30pm, we went for dinner first while waiting for the sun to set.
i Light, on the other hand, was quote a fun experience. The installations were just more than pretty faces, they invite viewers to interact with them too, producing quite an immersive experience.

There was one where your heartbeat is turned into a display of lights and music, which was quite fascinating. Definitely my first time seeing something like this. 

There was quite a bit of walking involved, but I guess that's one way of staying healthy.

Still, it's a day well spent! Because what matters most is who you spend it with :)
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