Dayre Random Thoughts: Can I just sleep forever?

It's a brand new day! Technically. But I really don't want to sleep yet. Because I don't look forward to waking up.
Gravity is always strongest around my bed in the morning.
But like every other day, despite how strong my bed was pulling me back, I still got up. That's life, I guess. Gotta go work/study because you need to earn your dues and survive.

Unless you're born filthy rich or extremely talented. Then you have life on easy mode. 

But I guess like the thousands of other people taking the train like me this morning, we're all playing life on the default difficulty.
My daily morning routine, like everyone else. Staring atThis post first appeared on Dayre the phone while on the way to work. Then stare at the phone again while on the way back. 

I know a better thing to do is perhaps to read but lately reading random Dayre blogs has become quite an interesting hobby of mine.

Besides, writing feels more productive, no?
My work in managing FB pages made me notice that there are people who use their FB accounts purely for brand giveaways/contests.

Work aside, everyone seems so happy to have a day off this week. Funny how one holiday can change our mood so much. We humans are quite simple creatures at the end of the day, don't you think? So easily satisfied. 

Or maybe we're so caught up in the pursuits of life that a day's vacation seem like a blessing from heaven. 

We need to start working less, everyone knows this. But we're just so content with the system that no one's bothering to change it.
This post first appeared on Dayre


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