Dayre Random Thoughts: 4 day work week?

This will be my new Monday mascot sticker. Because that's exactly how I feel every Monday morning when I go to work. Or any other weekday, in fact.

But I guess the consolation this week is that it's only a 4 day work week, so yay?Can't help but to think: Can the economy survive with a 4 day work week?I mean we get so happy whenever we have an extra day of holiday, so why not shorten it to 4 days of work instead.

But then I realise that perhaps the biggest reason we're happy when we get 4 days is because we have 5 days to compare with. I'm pretty sure that in a society where 4 working days is a norm, people would naturally want 3 days instead. We humans are greedy like that.

Or perhaps there's a magic number in between?
My mistake. This should be Monday's mascot sticker.
Staring at the screen for the whole day be like...

Can we have computers that cater better to the eyes, please?

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