How Nikon let a Photoshopped picture win (and how the comments section ultimately won)

When Nikon chose a seemingly well-timed photograph to win one of their Nikon trolley bag, they probably didn't really thought much about it. After all, it's an ongoing campaign where they feature and reward good photos taken using a Nikon camera. What they probably didn't expect was that the photo was doctored in order to win the prize. Here's the photo with the caption:


If  you look closely, you'll be able to spot a white box around the plane, meaning that this Yu Wei photoshopped the plane in instead of actually capturing the plane. Of course, users were quick to pick out the discrepancy, and what followed was hilarious. Some of my favourites, with their captions:

Photo by Glenn Guan: If Yu Wei's photo can win a trolley bag, this deserves a "Nikon D5 with AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR"

A Star Wars inspired shot by Efan Amran. He wants a D5 btw

Spiderman's wife took a stroll along the ladder too. (Zhirong Fu)

This obviously takes the cake. Or in Nikon's case, the trolley bag. (Render Brant)

He found Waldo too! (Vato915)

There's even a whole space battle sequence right there! (Mezame Shashin-ka)

Why only one plane? Why not 10 planes? (John Hryniuk)

This comment, however, aptly sums up the whole blunder:

Speaking from a social media perspective, this may constitute some sort of PR crisis for Nikon, where there is definitely an urgent need to do damage control. One way out of this is for Nikon to admit their mistake ("Sorry everyone, in our eagerness to reward fellow Nikon users with  trolley bag, we've been TROLLED") and then to turn it positive by rewarding all those who have submitted their version of the photoshopped pictures.

That way, your fans all end up happy and you don't end up looking too bad by putting up a wall of silence. After all, it's okay to laugh at yourself occasionally. It makes your relationship more personal with your users.

How Nikon let a Photoshopped picture win (and how the comments section ultimately won)


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