Daily thought: Why do we hate so much?

And there's no better face to illustrate hate mongering than his

The recent Paris attacks, the Syrian refugee crisis and Trump's bid for the presidency have interestingly captured how a majority of us see others in real life. While there are a lot of supportive comments, the hateful one are equally loud, if not louder. A post by Brandon, the person behind Humans of New York, seems to illustrate just this:

Yesterday was a “rest day” for me.  It’s been an emotional week.  Telling Aya’s story was tough enough.  But the hardest...
Posted by Humans of New York on Thursday, December 17, 2015

The scary thing is, it's easy to dismiss the hating that we see online as something that others do. When I see a comment online that blames the Muslims or criticizes others, I tell myself that I'm lucky I'm not one of these "people". I assure myself that I'm relatively kinder, that I'm more open-minded and tolerant. But am I really?

I'm pretty sure that if I walk up to one of these people and ask them if they think they're hateful on any normal day, they would tell me with full confidence that they're not. And if I bring out the topic of Muslims, for example, they would say that their hate is completely justified, and bring up some random observations like all terrorists are Muslims to back up their points while ignoring the larger picture. That is not all Muslims are terrorists, the refugees are running away from the exact same thing that they hate and ostracizing refugees is playing directly into what the terrorists want.

But I suppose that I am no different than these "conservatives", because I view them in an equally negative light. That they're a hateful and ignorant bunch who don't seem to know better. That the world would be better off without them. In a way, I'm just equally guilty.

Why do we do all these anyway? Looking down on people, putting ourselves on a morally high pedestal? Is this human nature? That we naturally want to feel superior compared to others? That when on the internet, we tend to cast aside views that are contrary to ours, views that shake our worldviews? It seems that sometimes, we can't handle diversity at all, and if possible, we would prefer to have everyone who agrees with us. Best of all, perhaps to live in a world filled with copies of ourselves. Sharing the same worldview, beliefs and attitude.

A hive mind, I suppose. Maybe I'm just overthinking this.


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