Twenty Random Thoughts #1711215: The tapering of response

Photo: Klovovi

1. Reactions to Paris seem to be slowly tapering, like how things usually go. An accurate reflection of humans, don't you think? We all eventually move on. Some dwell longer than most, but life eventually pushes us forward.

2. The narratives and viewpoints resulting from this attack has been staggering and I find it scary to even think about them. There's the victim's viewpoint, the observer's viewpoint, the internet's viewpoint, government's viewpoint, a Muslim's viewpoint; to understand them all and grasp the complete picture is impossible.

3. From a personal note, devastating as the tragedy may be, I see a glimmer of hope in how we discussed and talked about the incident. Far from being judgmental, we began asking the hard questions and having honest conversations.

4. My personal favourite this time is seeing how moderate Muslims are finally speaking up. Instead of merely saying "We are not like that", they are saying, "It's time to fight back the terrorist ideology."

5. I realised that on the internet, in order for people to share your posts, you have to have trigger a feeling in readers. Entertained, sad, happy, fear or anger; if you can elicit these emotions, there's a higher chance people will share your posts. Or you could be informative.

6. On the internet, the most viable currency is the number of shares.

7. I've tried several times over to make lukeyishandsome(dot)com viral, but somehow I just don't have the magic fingers to produce something shareable, so I am resigning my fate to just having this blog as a ranting place with the occasional goodwill advertisers who will ask me to cover/review products/events.

8. Who knows when I die this blog will be immensely popular? And depending on the age I go, this blog will be filled with tonnes of posts. Millions, perhaps. Posts which historians may study to see how society last time worked. #delusional #achievementunlocked

Photo: Ivan Kalin

9. It's funny how last time I used to look forward to December, but once you start working it's like no different from every other month, with the exception that places like Orchard Road look brighter.

10. And come each Christmas there's this realisation that my clothes are aging. I heard you can get them easily online at Topman Singapore.

11. As an older attached man, I suppose there's not much of a difference for me to be well-dressed or no. T-shirt and shorts ftw.

12. It's sad how Blizzard games are not on Steam, because I am really itching wo play Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void.

13. It's sadder how I am no longer excited by games. Part of aging? Nowadays I lookt at my 100+ collection of games on Steam and go: "There's no game to play."

14. Going back to Paris, there are still a lot of idiots in this world, though. Idiots who refuse to believe any other thing aside from their own beliefs.

15. Why is it so hard for people to consider a differing opinion anyway?

16. Today I saw a post about a complaint by a teacher in Malaysia about how far gone the country is, and I thought: "Duh."

17. To be honest, I don't think there's any easy way to fix Malaysia. Unless ISIS really keep true to their word of abducting the Malaysian ministers, which I am highly skeptical of. Drama mamas, our Malaysian ministers are.

18. The say drinking coffee has a lot of benefits, but why is no one paying attention to tea? What about tea? I am much more a teh than kopi lover.

19. I think the 9 to 5 work hours is stupid. But as much as I like to complain about it, I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

20. Do you like twenty random thoughts posts, anyway?


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