Taking a photo with this guy can get you six months worth of contact lens, FREE!

Fancy getting six months worth of daily contact lens free? All you have to do is to take a picture and you might just get it!

A PICTURE IS WORTH 6 MONTHS OF CONTACT LENS: A family trying the Miru challenge at Jurong East MRT

This November 2015, Miru Singapore, the people behind the world's thinnest daily contact lens, will be running a contest where three winners will stand a chance to walk away with a six-month supply of contacts lens. All you need to do is to take a photo with Mr Miru, like the family in the picture above, like their Facebook page, submit your photo and stand a chance to win!

In addition to getting six months worth of contact lens free, you'll also be walking away with the world's thinnest contact lens package, no thicker than a strip of chewing gum. They're easy to carry around, easy to store and the packaging reduces the risk of contamination. To see how thin Miru is, you can visit my earlier blog post on the product.

THINNER THAN A STRIP OF CHEWING GUM: Mr Miru holding examples of the Miru lens

Finding Mr Miru still has two days of competition left, next Friday (27 Nov) 12 - 2pm at Orchard MRT station and the following Saturday (28 Nov) at Toa Payoh MRT station. More information can be found at their official Facebook page.

If you're a big contact lens user who wishes to have a thinner packaging of daily lenses (seriously you can store like dozens of them in your wallet/purse), be sure to catch to Miru at these two locations next week!


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