Just what is wrong with the world today?

Picture by @jean_jullien

I often ask myself what is wrong with our world today.
People are killing each other in the name of their god or righteousness.
People willing to take lives away just because someone criticised their "beliefs".
Because they felt offended.
And they needed to defend their "belief".
Or to prove a freaking stupid point that their belief is superior.
What's with us being so sensitive, anyway?

We have also people who refuse to believe that global warming is a fact.
Or those who claim vaccination causes autism.
Not forgetting people who stake their lives and identity on a certain political party.
Worst of all, we have the religious fanatics.
Who put their religion above everything else.
Who believe that chaos, violence and hate on the basis of religion is okay.

What is wrong with all these people, anyway?
Who are so caught up in their own logic that they refuse to see the other side.
Who only accepts only their version of truth.
And brands anyone who questions their beliefs as infidels, inferior.

Wouldn't the world be a much better place,
if we could just accept that others may not share the same thoughts as us?
That is okay to have diverse opinions sometimes?

And that's when it dawned upon me.
That one of the greatest thing missing in our world today,
is the ability to admit that we are wrong.
Or at least acknowledge that our beliefs may not be perfect.
That is alright to have differing viewpoints at the same time.
That different version of truths does not mean the end of the world.

More often than not,
we tie our value as a person to the beliefs that we have,
our self-esteem is linked to how right we are in this world.
We are more concerned of proving ourselves right than to love,
that leads us to do all sort of stupid things,
just to maintain our version of truth in this world.

The ability to admit that we may be wrong,
to consider differing beliefs and to examine ours,
to be critical of our version of truth,
that's what missing in our world.

If we can only think beyond our beliefs,
if we can dissociate our worldview from our self-worth,
if we can learn to value the lives of others instead of our inanimate beliefs,
if we can prioritise love, acceptance and peace,
instead of "protecting" our own set of truth,
or proving that our beliefs are superior,
wouldn't the world be a much happier place to live in?


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