Daily Thought: Our Times (我的少女时代) is freshly entertaining but not really that relatable as claimed

MIDDLE PARTING: Say hello to the cast of Our Times

Warning: Potential spoilers

A lot of my friends have been talking about the movie. Sharing quotes and Hebe's theme song for the movie, for example, and likening it to You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年,我們一起追的女孩), which has like one of the longest movie titles ever.

Being an Apple fan (using that as short term because no way I am gonna use the full title every time I mention the movie), I was intrigued by the movie. Thanks to GV who gave me a pair of tickets to catch the movie as part of their Just Bin It campaign, I finally had the chance to see if the movie actually lives up to its hype.

BAD BOY: Because all teenage love stories have them

The movie is entertaining, no doubt about that. The way it crafts and tells the story is fresh and keeps you guessing right until the end. I liked how the important details of the story are omitted early on in the story, only to be revealed in the end to sort of punch you in the guts and make you go, "So that's what happened all along!" The flashbacks are woven seamlessly together and I liked how they fit into the larger narrative of the story.

But I think the biggest selling point of the movie is how it captured and elicited the different emotions throughout the movie. The personalities of the characters, their mishaps and the whole dramatisation of their lives made us all laughed while we wanted to cry along the heartbreaks and missed opportunities. All the characters, especially the stumbling main actress, really carried the story.

 Entertainment value wise, I think Our Times is top notch. The comedy doesn't fall flat, the story was strong and the acting top-notch. I really enjoyed watching the chemistry between Truly Lin (Vivian Sung) and TaiYu (Darren Wang) and by the end of the movie, I had developed a little crush for the both of them (turning bi, I think).

COMPLETE MEAL: Our times have all the ingredients that makes a movie shine

However, on the talks that the movie was something everyone can relate to, I find it to be a little lacking compared to Apple. Mainly because there was too much dramatisation of the story. My high school story was nowhere as exciting as what was portrayed in the movie, while Apple was a lot more relatable (maybe because it was based on a true story).

Another complaint that I have is why must the main male character of a Taiwanese high school love story always be a bad boy? Can't a socially awkward nerd boy find love too? I would definitely pay to watch a movie like that (it would be similar to my experience, sort of, except that I didn't get a gf).

Also, where got real life so coincidental one? From meeting Andy Lau to your long lost love who also knows him, while breaking up on the same day?

BLUFF: I call bluff on this

Still the movie is definitely worth watching. Story wise it's better than Apple and unlike Apple, the ending is slightly better. I would prefer Apple for its realism but Our Times for the entertainment value. Funny, exciting and provoking.


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