Daily Thought: Petition against Adam Lambert is just lazy and weak

DANGEROUS: According to some Singaporeans, he is.

People are weird. When faced with things that we don't agree with, we would rather have them out of our sight and mind rather than confront it head on. We are so unconfortable with facing something or someone who may be different than us — on the assumption that this person can corrupt us — that we're willing to silence this person, to dismiss their worth and value.

Such is the case with Adam Lambert, who at the time of writing, has received almost 14,000 signatures against his performance in Singapore.

I don't understand all these signatures behind Adam Lambert. These people think that by barring Adam Lambert from performing, society will suddenly be more righteous and morally upright. That by allowing him to perform, somehow children will suddenly be corrupted by him, maybe turn gay and start applying mascara or eyeshadow.

These people all caution against the "danger" of the performance to children, when in fact these may be just parents who are too afraid to handle conversations like "Dad, why is he doing thing?", thinking that if they can escape this encounter, their children will never again touch this topic. They seemed to have conveniently forgotten about the internet. Why not petition to shut that down as well?

We protest that the government is clamping down on us, that we're not allowed freedom of speech. But when we ourselves can handle a differing view, how do we expect the government to trust us to voice what we want?

We claim to be inclusive, to accept diversity, but only allowing diversity for some factors (such as religion and race) while disallowing others (such as sexual orientation).Wouldn't that make us all a bunch of hyprocrites? People who are incapable of accepting others who are different.

I don't know who these 14,000 people who sign the petition against Adam Lambert are, but I think you're just lazy and weak to handle someone who is different from you. And this is a slippery slope to go down, banning people who may not share the same beliefs or value as us. What's to stop us from engaging in something more extreme in the future, ie barring someone because of their beliefs, colour etc (and thus catapulting us back into the past)?

Don't let bigotry rule. You can sign the counter petition instead.


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