Daily thought: After #CHCtrial, predicting what the die-hard supporters are most likely to say

CELL GROUP: The faces of the six CHC leaders who were sentenced. Photo: Business Times

Eight years, six years, three years and 21 months. These are among some of the sentences meted out to the six CHC leaders who were charged for criminal breach of trust. After much fanfare and drama surrounding the case over the past few years, the case has finally come to a close.

It will be a sad day for many ardent CHC supporters, after numerous sermons and statements from the leaders saying how this is all a test, but knowing the church and some of the supporters, some of them may continue the narrative that the six are still innocent. How I would imagine the response:

1. This is a modern day trial from God. The church leaders are no different from Apostle Paul, who has been thrown into prison a lot of times before. They are martyrs for their faith, which is why we should donate more to support him in this time of need.

2. The six of them didn't know that what they were doing is wrong! The judge has already said that he agreed that they were not cheating for personal gain! That they were doing it for the love of the church! This is the work of Satan who clearly used the system to persecute the church leaders. This is why we should donate more to support the church!

3. God has bigger plans for the six of them. This is only but a step where at the end of it, Pastor Kong Hee will be a bigger shepherd than we will ever be. This is his ascension and we should donate to preserve his legacy when he comes out.

4. God is evidently preparing for the next phase of the leader's ministry where they are needed most: the prison ministry. Let us donate to support the next phase of his ministry.

5. This is an obvious attack against our faith. This is the sign of end times. We need to stand stronger than ever as brothers and sisters of Christ. Let us donate to keep our faith strong.

6. The rain during the sentencing is a sign that God is weeping for his beloved children. His heart aches for them. Please donate for more umbrellas to shelter the needy.

7. It's okay, at least they have formed a new cell group together. And Jesus will be with them, because as Jesus said, when there are more than two gathered in his name, the spirit will be there. Let us donate for the planting of this new cell group.

8. We want to thank each and every one of you, our church members, for demonstrating such strength and unity throughout all these years, and particularly in these last few extremely difficult months. We ask you to remember and hold close to your heart the call of God upon City Harvest Church. We have learned lately what it means to have faith, trust and rest in God—let us put what we have learned to practice. Let’s band together to fulfill the heavenly calling for us through CHC 2.0. (This is official, from CHC Facebook)

Okay-lah, I know I'm very bad in writing this. But when I just want to highlight that when you're stuck in a cognitive dissonance loop, not allowed to question or not willing to admit your mistake, it can get a little bit dangerous and detrimental.

On the bright side, we still have Sun Ho as the pastor of City Harvest church, so I guess not all hope is lost? Because with Sun as the new pastor, it will be a new dawn for the church.


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