Can an experience of "death" really change suicidal intentions?

People sometimes come up with the strangest ideas to solve a problem. Like locking yourself up in a coffin to reduce the likelihood of you wanting to commit suicide. This is apparently happening in South Korea, the country with the second highest suicide rate in the world, where mock funeral services are held in an attempt to show would-be suicidal people the damage death will bring. And yes it's a business.

It may be a well-intended attempt at solving a problem (or a good business idea, depending on how you look at it), but being the skeptic that I am, I really doubt the effectiveness of such measure. One may think that asking someone to lie in a coffin may scare them, but you may just help them desensitize them to the whole experience, making them more open acceptable to the idea.

It's no different from asking someone who is scared of flying to experience a plane simulator or being in a parked plane to expose themselves to the experience first, where a person who is afraid or something is gradually exposed to the object that they fear to help them cope. Asking them to sit through a mock funeral service, is just showing them that the experience may not be so scary, making them less fearful of it.

Unless you can make the experience really scary, like have hell reenacted or do a ghost of Christmas past experience to them, I doubt the attempt will be successful. It could just very well be an money down the drain experience for the participants.


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