Cali Cafe at Rochester: Could be better, but nah

Nice looking on the outside, but inside.... (Photo credits: Sophie Leow)

Dawn and I decided to drop by Cali Cafe today as part of our Entertainer App adventure. Located at Rochester Mall near Buona Vista, it was at a convenient location which was why we settled on it. The cafe serves mainly Western food with a polished and modern look to it. But looks were probably the strongest selling point of the cafe.

As we walked into the cafe, we were greeted with a rather sullen looking waiter who did not really bother to smile as he led us to our seats. Throughout our dinner there, he stayed really much the same. Little to no smile and did not really bother to talk a lot too. A really cold guy, I told Dawn. Now I understand that he might have had a bad day, but at least for the price that we were paying (main course dishes were at least 20 SGD) I thought at least there could be a little bit more attempt on it.

The service in general leaves much to be desired as well, as it was hard to call the waiters' attention throughout our dinner. The buzzer at our table was not working too, and we had to wave our arms quite a bit before we caught anyone's attention. I mean why put something in your cafe when it's not going to be utilised?

Food-wise, I ordered lamb chop while Dawn went for the lobster spaghetti. While the lobster was nice and my lamb chop was grilled deliciously, again the price did not match the quality of the food. More than 50% of my lamb chop were made up of fats and at the end of it I felt like I have only eaten a snack (in fact I just cooked maggie because I was still hungry). Dawn, on the other hand, felt that her spaghetti was too spicy (we were literally taking chili padi out of the spaghetti) with little other taste. For 30 SGD and 34 SGD each, it was quite disappointing.

Don't judge a lamb chop by its looks, I learned

I don't know how the other food on the menu taste like, but at least for me the lamb chop that I had was not really fulfilling. Not only that, the cafe also do not serve free flow water, perhaps in a bid for customers to order drinks.

Honestly speaking, there are much better food nearby like the Sixty40 Bar Cafe just a few steps away, which serves burgers in a bigger portion with free flow water as well. For me personally, the service standard of a cafe speaks a lot about how passionate the cafe is in its trade and for a cafe like Cali which really does not bother about the customer, it's really not worth the time and money, especially when it's priced not cheap too. Both Dawn and I spent a total of 53 SGD, even after our discount of 30 SGD using the app.

It's really not worth it.


  1. Yes agreed. So disappointing. :( Many places charge for plain water, but at least they serve plain water. I don't know ... I thought plain water is the basic for food places here in Singapore? Guess not. :/ Even if the food is good, if the service is horrendous, the whole dining experience suffers; which in this case, it did. :/ Oh well.


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