TRT210815: I hate buying clothes

I am very picky when it comes to clothes. I prefer comfort over everything and usually that means I tend to stick with my clothes for a very long time. Because you know, I have feelings towards them and all. But mostly because I am too lazy to buy new clothes. Not to mention that they cost money. I miss the good old times in NUS when most of my clothes came cheap, thanks to my stay in hall.

One of the things that change when you grow up is the responsibility, where suddenly everything about your life is heaped unto your shoulders. From keeping yourself nourished to keeping yourself clothed. It's a scary thing you know. I miss the time when things are much simpler, where my mum will nag me to do almost everything. Eat, sleep and clothes. Now, I have to do everything myself, from buying office wear for men for my work clothes to making sure that I don't die of starvation.

Still wondering why I wanted to grow up so much when I was younger. I think it's a feeling that most of us share.

I am not sure how some of my friends do it, though. They have this ability to just keep restocking their clothes while I, on the other hand, can never get my mind to decide on clothes that I want. They are either too expensive or not my taste. I somehow see buying clothes to be like a waste of money, and I never buy new clothes unless I absolutely need them. Or when it's Chinese New Year.

Might explain why I was never a hit with girls. Heck, I even find combing my hair a chore. But I have come to somewhat accept the reality. While the younger me have no idea what clothes to get or how to keep an eye out for deals, the older me, after many embarrassing episodes, have gradually began to learn how to make better purchase choices.

I still hate buying clothes though.


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