LVR #3: On Muhyiddin's removal

A lot has been said about Muhyiddin's removal. My voice wouldn't mean much, but would just like to chip in here, in video format (more like I am trying to improve my personal video rants or video logs again. I know it's bad but we all gotta start somewhere, right?):

To add on, the major issue that Malaysia is dealing with right now is uncertainty. There's no doubt that there are skeletons in Najib's closet, but with all the moves he has been dishing out (and god knows what more tricks he has under his sleeve), it is really hard to tell what will happen next.

Will the people band together and force a revolution? Or would he be successful in achieving the biggest scandal surviving move in centuries? Will the rest of UMNO finally come to its senses? Or is the system so rotten that nothing can save it now? Will justice be served? Why are there so many idiots running the country? Will Malaysia survive? Or is the country doomed?

Only time will tell.


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