TRT220715: Oh, how small we humans are

1. Stumbled across two articles today that made me feel  incredibly small. Both of them are on Wait Buy Why blog and both are incredibly well-written (tbh all of the posts are well-written, the author deserves a Nobel prize in blogging). One dealt with the Fermi Paradox while the other the concept of Super AI. Both made me feel very small and insignificant.

2. If this is the first time you've heard about the two terms, I suggest you save those links for later reading. Because must finish reading my blog post first. They're incredibly long anyway, so it makes sense to read it when you are going to sleep or have a lot of time. But I'm serious about reading them. Even if you don't agree with the two theories. Simply because they force you to reflect on your existence, which is important, I feel.

3. You see, we humans have this inherent flaw in us. Our brains have evolved into an extremely sensitive thinking object, with one of its main goals being our own ego-preservation. Meaning that we hate to be proven wrong, and will go to great lengths to prove ourselves right. The internet is one great example of this phenomena. One simple experiment itself illustrates the best example of this flaw at work.

4. Not only that, another flaw of our thinking system is how myopic it is. We are too bothered by the small things in life like finding a girlfriend, being holy, gaining acceptance or earning enough money to realise that life is so much beyond that. The understanding of life itself into growing exponentially into all possible directions than we could ever possibly imagine.

5. Coupled together, these two flaws prevent us from seeing the bigger picture, that life is incredibly complex. Just like us trying to explain to ants that there's this whole bigger world out there.

6. I think this is how God works too, if you believe in him. Like how Tim tried to explain the concept of intelligence in a Super AI, I think God's knowledge exists on a completely different existential plane than us. Which puts a whole new meaning to the concept of Him becoming a man, don't you think? It's like us becoming an ant (not Ant Man) to try to tell them that there's a whole bigger world out there.

7. But of course, try as we might, the ant may still not grasp our full understanding of the world and the best we could do is to use ant language to explain it to them. I am guessing that's why Jesus loved to use parables, perhaps that to him is our equivalent of the ant language.

8. Which is why I think any attempt to understand God is futile because our knowledge is so vastly different in the first place. Those who try to do so, by trying to holy books too literally or trying to interpret what Jesus/God would do (ie He would be angry if you do XYZ) are laughable. We cannot even begin to comprehend how God thinks or what He wants due our limited body and brain, so how can we expect to understand him?

9. To me, life itself is still too mysterious for me to grasp everything correctly. And I think I will never do. There are still so many questions out there that even the best scientists could not solve or answer, so how am I to be sure of what I know? There's one branch of thinking that I really liked in philosophy and that is all truth are subjective. I may hold certain thinkings now, but unless I can convincingly back them, I am open to the possibility that they may be wrong. On life after death for example. Or even the existence of God.

10. With everything being said, I would still really want to believe that God is indeed real. Life would seem like an utter waste if everything happened through chance and devoid of purpose. You can call me naive, an idealist or a hopeless romantic, but it's all these thoughts that keep me going. Otherwise, there is really no point in living unless you're on top of the food chain. #justsaying


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