TRT200715: Ant Man, Sherlock and Payday 2

1. Watched Ant Man today out of curiousity and out of my support(?) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU); and it was quite an enjoyable movie. Not surprising though, considering how Marvel Studio's movies all have a certain baseline to achieve now. And their experience as well. Nothing of a breakthrough in the movie, it was all light-hearted entertainment with loads of actions and laughs. If you're a fan of the MCU continuity, there are plenty of references of the MCU in the movie and the two end credits scene as well.

2. My top irrelevant complaints: How the MCU movies are like a TV drama series now — only longer in length — and how end credits scenes are increasingly becoming longer and complicated. What next? A full feature short film at the end of credits?

3. Been hooked with Payday 2 for quite a while now, which coupled with my laziness led to the decline of blogposts produced. Funny how I bought the game once upon a time ago (like years) and it has been sitting there since until one random chat with a friend led to me spamming the game. Funnier is how I ended up playing mostly with strangers online even though the original intention was to play with friends.

4. Payday 2 is a fun game, I think of it as a Left 4 Dead of sorts, the only differences being that you have skillsets and the zombies are the cops (seriously, they have more cops in Payday 2 than the zombies in L4D). Also instead of surviving the zombie apocalypse you're merely conducting heists to steal all sort of things.

5. I hated the game initially though. It has a really steep learning curve with no tutorial of sorts, which led to a lot of me failing my team early on. There were a lot of curses too, but somehow I managed to survive them. 86 levels later, I am now constantly on heists with random strangers, hoping to get higher and higher in level until everyone looks at me in awe (or maybe in pity).

6. After what seemed like a long while, I finally got to watch the Eggs Benedict Cucumberbatch version of Sherlock Holmes. Have the girlfriend to thank for that. It was quite an interesting episode, I must say, but then again I am a sucker for all detective movies. Especially those with mind twists and the "Aha!" at the end of the story.

7. Cumberbanana's version of Sherlock reminds me a lot of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory though. I called him the autistic Sherlock, judging from his lack of social skills and obsession with solving mysteries. He calls himself a high-functioning sociopath, which I finally learned is different than a psychopath. Which proved to be not what I had in mind, by the way, after a quick Google search.

8. Next on the drama watchlist? Game of Thrones. For the story, of course, not the nudity.

9. TRT now stands for Ten Random Thoughts, by the way, because twenty thoughts are just way too much for me to write whenever I want to cook up something in a whim. Not that I have nothing else to write, but I have been finding real little time to do so. Now that I have work and a high need for computer games. Not to mention all the other commitments.

10. Heck, I can't even get enough of sleep now. But I am ranting again. So goodnight.


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