My virgin experience! (On Singapore's cable car)

Got you with the title, didn't I?

If you are a Singaporean (or stayed here long enough), you're bound to know of the cable car that runs from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island. It was one of the attractions that I noticed when I first arrived at Singapore, travelling on Bus 10 towards Vivo City. It's something that I have always wanted to try but didn't due to various reasons: Faber station was too far away, I didn't have the time and there was just no reason too.

That wish got fulfilled today thanks to Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG), who invited me to the opening of the Sentosa Cable line today. Yes, you read it right. In addition to the cable car line travelling from Mount Faber to Sentosa, there is now another cable car line within Sentosa Island itself. Not only you can enjoy the view of the hill, harbour and highway on the Mount Faber Line; you get to experience a sky view of the jungle, beach and sea view on the Sentosa Cable Car Line as well.

le gf and I on the newly opened Siloso Point Station

Priced at an affordable SGD 19 for locals (citizen, PRs or permanent pass holders) and SGD 29 for tourists — with an optional 10 SGD top-up for unlimited rides — the Cable Car Sky Network offers a bird's eye view of Singapore's southern tip, with access to the different attractions too. There are six cable car stations in total, located within close range to major attractions. For more info on the cable cars, you can drop by their official website.

Dawn and I rode the cable car at night, which offered quite a romantic night view of the area. You get to see the different lights that adorn Sentosa at night, along with a good view of the harbour and ships anchored at the sea. It was quite cooling too, despite the already heaty day.

above the sea!

It's a must try experience in Singapore and if cost is a concern to you, you can always take it during the NDP weekend where it's free. Just remember not to exercise in the cabin.

read option two. or three


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