No more those dull looking mice!

I woke up to a mysterious package lying outside of my door today. Something in white with black marker writings over it. Half-awake, I wondered what on earth could the package be until I wore my glasses and saw the label clearly.

Aww. #bestfathersdaypresent #waitiamnotafatheryet

It is not always that you get to receive a package that praises your looks. Though naming my blog lukeyishandsome(dot)com is one way to increase the chances of this happening (I did that on purpose).

Anyway, the early morning package contained a mouse (not the black furry one) from Logitech, that came in the design of a fox. It's a mouse that looks like a fox. Or rather have a fox design painted on it. Confusing? I intended it to be that way. So what exactly is in the package? This:

Aww x2. One thing that I like about Logitech is how good they treat bloggers.

Back to the mouse, it's part of Logitech's wireless mice series with cute designs. Earlier I received the m235 series with different colours other than your conventional black or any other deep colours, and m238 is a continuation of that. It is a good mouse to use in the workplace as it is designed to cheer you up with their cherry looks. There are other animals in addition to the fox I received too.

If you're bored of the usual mice design, do consider the m238 mice series as a break away from the routine. It can be a good way to express yourself too! Before I end this post, compulsory blogger pose with the product:

Camera with filters ftw.


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