[Advertorial] Ten Things on Lukey's Wishlist

Yo. So it has been a while since this blog got updated. Mainly because I was busy with my new job and all - trying to adapt to the new environment with new expectations - so I kinda forgotten about the fact that I owned a blog for a while. Being in a new job is not easy though, that I can say, and it feels like I have bigger shoes to fill right now. There's also this bigger responsibility that requires you to do more and to be more productive as well.

Incidentally, Lazada approached me a few days ago for a collaboration - if you don't know, Lazada is one of Singapore's top online shopping website - and asked me to come up with a wishlist of ten items that I would want from their website. Why not, I thought, since I am looking to revamp some of my wardrobe and gear up in this new job of mine. So here's Lukey's Ten Items Wishlist, all available from Lazada's website. 

1.  A brand new watch

They say having the right watch on your wrist is important on forming the correct first impression (while the absence of a watch gives off the impression that time is not important to you), which is why the first item on my list is a brand new watch. A Daniel Wellington watch, With its brown leather strap a silver case, it gives off the impression that you're serious but yet not too old (I hate metallic straps btw) and yet mysterious at the same time. Especially important when I am now constantly meeting new people.

2. Shirts. Like smart casual tops

So I have moved into the realm of smart buttoned tops now from my previous armaments of polo tees. One of the reasons was because polo tees were not serious enough and because I can no longer hide in one place as I used to. Also the girlfriend says that it's time to dress my age, which is why I need to rehaul my wardrobe with these smart looking buttoned tops. Like my entire wardrobe with them.

3. A pair of smart looking shoes

Gone were the days of me beloved sneakers. One thing about looking smart and serious is that you need a pair of serious looking leather shoes as well to go with the entire look, something which I am sorely lacking in. Of course, black seems too deadbeat serious to me, which is why my colour pick will be brown instead. Kinda like an in-between serious and fun. Or casual. I'm not a full time business guy after all.

4. Pants

Pants. I almost forgot pants. Chinos or khakis please.

5. I need exercise. But I am too shy to go to the gym

If you're asking me for a wishlist, I think the item that must go unto this list is this multi-gym equipment. The cool sounding G150, as they call it. I have been dying to exercise for the longest time, but after comments like jogging is not going to cut it and the lack of time, the idea has been rotting in my mind. Plus the fact that I am severely intimidated by the gym and those hulking guys in it does not really help. So having an exercise machine would eliminate all excuses and make my life much easier.

6. A place to keep all my stuff

I have this tendency to hoard stuff. And often I would find that I will run out of places to keep my things. Heck I don't even have a wardrobe to begin with. Which is why I think having tons of new furniture would be good. Delivered directly to my home. And one good place to get it would be from the furniture Singapore page in Lazada.

7. Something for my mum

Mothers' Day is just around the corner, so I thought it would be good to buy my mum something. After all, she has been taking care of me for 19 years, and I grew up to be quite a decent person. So why not buy an awesome mothers' day gift? Like a Prada bag for example.

8. One new camera

Did I mention that I am going to travel? I think I did. And I think for an awesome travel experience, it is important to have a camera that is up to the occasion as well. Canon 70D is one of the sturdier models for both videos and photo, and it will be so cool if I can have one to go with the trip. It even comes with a free lens too!

9.  A new killer gaming laptop

Speaking of electronic gadgets, I think my current laptop is finally nearing its old age. And it would be extremely cool to have a new one, for all the new and upcoming games. Like Far Cry 4. I find that MSI is quite dependable, the GE 60 that I am using now has served me well, which is why I am sticking to the MSI brand. And I chose the GS70

10. The party trio

What better way to end of a wishlist than to sign it off with some awesome drinks to boot? The trio sparkling wine. And yes, I am small kid like that cause I drink sparkling wine. Or maybe I should have gone with Black Label?

So there you have it, my Lazada wishlist. Now what's yours?


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