Kingsman: The Secret Service, I've Got to Get Myself A Suit

*Post may contain minor spoilers. read it at your own risk*

Admittedly, Kingsman: The Secret Service does has its own flaws. Like the lack of other Kingsman aside from the few main characters, a brush off of the Kingsman history, some really questionable Stormtrooper shooting or the not so satisfying closure of the movie. Okay, the closure for the main characters was good, but with it having showcased shots from around the world during the climatic scene, I would have expected at least a mention on how the world is coping after a supposingly mass slaughter and the loss of perhaps half the world leaders while the main character was battling the henchwoman of the main villain. 

Not forgetting the amount of gore and F-bombs in the movie that would make the more conservative of viewers uncomfortable.

Still, the movie still makes up for it, more than make up for it from the start to end with its brilliant executed humour and action sequences. It's one of the few movie where time seems to fly too fast and you're wishing for it to be a little longer when you know it's going to end. The movie does a wonderful job of juggling the various aspects of the movie, from the action, the story, the character development and the scope of it.

It's a spy movie that masterfully blends the seriousness that comes in the Bond films and the nonsense that come from the Austin Powers movies. I spent of a lot of time in the movie gripping in suspense to my seat, while laughing to the various gags that were presented in the movie. The movie doesn't really censor the magnitude that would come naturally in a real life global catastrophe scenario, there are a lot of people dying during the climatic sequence, and I liked it for keeping it real that way. Of course, it also knew when to substitute gory moments for funny moments, where the heads of the people explode in a cheerful fireworks kind of way.

Almost everything in the movie were delivered in an entertaining manner, without losing any of the seriousness and funniness in it. Even the tiny aspects of the movie, like the gadgets the Kingsman are sporting to the talk about being a 'gentleman' fit in nicely into the entire movie without spiraling out of control. 

Long story short, I would give it a 9/10, the absent one point for the the flaws near the end of the movie. But you should definitely watch it.


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