It's Always A Post Complaining About How Little I Write

I realized that the busier I get in real life, the less time I can devote to blogging. Or writing, in any matter. Which is sad though, considering that my new job is starting tomorrow, as an editor nonetheless, who is required to write a lot, and the last thing that I've been doing over the past few days is write. I have been finding a lot of excuses for myself too. That I need to meet my friends, that I need to play some games to destress, that I am doing so much in my life right now that it's okay for me to not write.

And even with all the reasons that I am giving myself, at the end of the day, as I sit in front of my computer, looking at the clock that is slowly ticking towards midnight, I can't help but to feel guilt. Because I know I have been deliberately abandoning this love of mine for a bunch of excuses. Because I know if I wanted to truly commit, I would find the time too. And in the end all the guilt leads to more stress.

No wonder the girlfriend has been complaining that my muscles are all tensed up lately. Because I can't get this writing thing out of my mind. Which is why I am here, trying to bluff my way through with some random words. 

Discipline. Somehow no matter how much I tell myself to at least have some of it, I can never find enough to commit myself to sit down and write. Maybe it's a genetic thing?

Anyways, for the sake of talking about something else other than my complaints in this post, a few of us came through a picture of a famous male blogger / celebrity / influencer / personality in Singapore today, a guy named Yutakis, and was quite amazed at his amount of followers, as we're randomly scrolling through Instagram.

Well, I guess we all love a pretty face, be it girl or guy, and tbh, I must say he puts a lot of effort into looking good and fashionable. Unlike a certain blogger who calls himself handsome in his blog but dresses like a 15 year old boy. A lazy, nerdy boy, in fact.

But credit card salesman never approaches me when I'm walking around with my ah boy backpack, so I guess I got that going for me.


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