You Can Now Have Contact Lens for Presbyopia! (aka Lao Hua Yan / 老花眼)

I don't know about you, but whenever contact lenses are mentioned, the idea that I have in my mind is that they are always reserved for the younger people. You know, those who are involved in sports, who likes to jump around, who wants to look better to attract the opposite sex, and who just hate the idea of wearing glasses because it's just troublesome and does not look good.

I don't often associate the use of contact lenses with the older generation, for various reasons. When you think of your grandfather/grandmother with vision problems, you would normally picture them with reading glasses instead of them putting on contact lenses. Which is why you will find very few contact lenses made specifically for Presbyopia, or 老花眼, a condition that typically plague those who are of an older generation. 

Presbyopia is the opposite of being short sighted, where you have trouble looking at items that are close to you. According to this website, Presbyopia is a condition that would eventually affect almost all of us once we reach a certain age, whether we like it or not, due to our body aging. Thankfully the problem can be easily corrected, and there is not much adverse side effect linked to the condition. You can read the website to find out more about the condition or if you enjoy watching videos, CooperVision has made a pretty nifty video explaining the condition.

Times are changing, of course, and some who are having Presbyopia may find that reading glasses may no longer be the best solution out there, but would rather depend on contact lenses as well. Especially those who are living an active lifestyle or would prefer more freedom for their eyes.

Well, good news! CooperVision has recently launched this brand of contact lenses  made specifically for those who have Presbyopia and dislike the idea of wearing glasses. Called the Proclear 1 Day Multifocal lenses, they are daily disposable lenses designed for the purpose of clear vision and comfort. 

There's no hassle of having to constantly wash your lenses or keeping them in one specific place, as you can wear them where and when as you please, in addition of enjoying the freedom that comes with wearing contact lenses. Better still, they are designed to keep your eyes hydrated and prevent them from being dry, with an approval by the US FDA itself for 'providing improved comfort' to wearers.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, CooperVision is offering a 5 day trial lenses to those who are interested to see how the lenses work. And to see if it's suitable. For only 15 dollars, you can head to one of the eight optical shops around Singapore for a free consultation with an eye care professional, where you will be given a five day trial lenses to go with you after the consultation. The 15 dollars that you paid can be used to offset a purchase of a minimum of two boxes of Proclear 1 Day Multifocal worth 150 dollars after that.

Best of all, you get to enjoy a professional eye consultation totally free! Now I don't know about the other outlets, but the outlet that I went to, at the West, offered me a consultation session that is completely different that the ones that I usually get at optical shops. It felt more like a medical check up, with comprehensive testing done to check the state of your eyes. The whole session took about an hour (the longest that I have sat for an eye test), where numerous tests were conducted to check the condition of my eyes. 

The optometrist, or doctor (I am tempted to call him doctor for all the tests that he has done), not only did the standard degree testing for my eyes, he also went as far to check if there is anything wrong with my eyes, and correctly deduced that I have been straining my eyes too often looking at the computer. Quite an informative session if you are concerned about your eyes.

The promotion ends on the 8th of April though, so be sure to get it while it's still hot. You can get more details from It can be the perfect gift for your parents or loved ones this Chinese New Year as well.

As for me, I have to give my eyes a break now since the optometrist advised me so, and being blind due to blogging is not quite a glamorous way to go #firstworldbloggerproblems



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