Logitech G402 Mouse Review

The market for gaming mouse is a big one. There are a lot of brands out there, with different products that range from professional competition level ones, to those more on the entry level. Logitech has been one of the big players since the market for gaming mice expanded, with numerous types of gaming products to offer. I have been using Logitech's G400s for a while now, and have recently been offered its successor to review, the G402.

Named as the Hyperion Fury, with a DPI up to 4000, the G402 may not look as inviting or 'premium' at first glance, but it certainly has the power to perform when needed.

Priced at SGD 65, it's one of the products that are on the higher mid ranged scale, suitable for those who wants a gaming mouse but is not able to spend too much on it. The design feels comfortable in my hand, with its matte finish, and its pretty seamless to control when playing games. I liked how the mouse move together with my hand, and it does not bother me too much like how some bigger mice does. The long and thin shape fits almost perfectly, though it must be worth noting that the mouse is specifically designed for right handers. It feels light as well, though there is no option to customize its weight.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the mouse is its build as an FPS mouse, with a 'snipe' button on the side that lets you adjust your DPI setting in an instant, dropping it from 4000 DPI to 240 DPI with just a click. It needs some getting used to, but it allows you to adjust moves during critical times in game. I tried to use it in Counter Strike when sniping, and the 'snipe' button really helps when you need to drop your DPI in an instant, without exiting the game.

As for the more technical parts, there's an on board processor that helps the mouse to predict and track movement, thus making it more accurate in general. Other than that, it also allows the mouse to track up to 500 IPS. The mouse is not wireless though, and is connected by a plain rubber wire.

What I like best about the G402 is its lightweight design, you almost forget you're holding a mouse when you're using it, as well as the ability to adjust your DPI while in game. It's reasonably priced as well, suitable if you want a product that is not too expensive or too lousy.


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