Twenty Random Thoughts #250115: Energy to Success, and Complaints

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1. I am tempted to make this post series Ten Random Thoughts instead, since I always have difficulty finding twenty things to say and I am a lazy guy. But when I thought about the lack of consistency and my need for things to be well organized, I thought "Nah"

2. At the End of Everything will be posted tomorrow, as I did not have enough time to spell check + proof read today. Again, my laziness has gotten the better than me

3. Laziness. It's worrying though, how lazy I seem to be. It's not that I never thought about changing this before. Heck, I compare myself with others who are more driven and more successful than me all the time, and think what makes them different from me? 

4. One thing that I noticed about hardworking people, those who are driven and more successful, is that they never seem to get tired. They can work and work without stop at a particular endeavor, until they get the results that they want. It almost seems like they have an infinite pool of energy, being able to stay focused and just do for a long time. 

5. Me, on the other hand, gets tired easily at almost anything. Ask me to focus on a task for too long and I will eventually begin to get bored, sleepy and unable to focus. Ask me to start on a task and I would fret, thinking of the amount of energy that I need to expend to accomplish it. It almost seems that I have a really high activation energy for almost anything, well except for the things that I like doing, like sleeping, for instance

6. Which makes me wonder. Do successful people differ from the average ones simply because they're born with a higher pool of energy? Or do we all start with the same amount of energy, only that those who are successful managed to train themselves to have a bigger pool of energy? Or could it be simply because those who are successful simply like hard work, and those hard work energize them instead of sapping their energy away? Is it a fundamental difference between individuals, or is it something that could be honed?

7. I don't know. But I guess I am about to. The new work that I am starting, there is no such thing as being able to slack. Hard work is expected, because the boss himself is an over achiever. Meaning that he puts in a crazy amount of work himself, which gives others no excuse not to.

8. Come to think of it, I have met numerous people who are successful before over the course of my life. And when you look at those who are achieving a lot of things versus those who just lazes around and ends up being mediocre, there is really a stark difference in terms of their drive and personality

9. People who are successful tend to want to do as many things as possible, while the average ones want to avoid doing as many things as possible. The former is always expending energy, while the latter wants to conserve energy. And of course, in our society, the more you're able to do, the more you'll be able to achieve. I can't help but wonder though, if our tendency to expend/conserve energy an innate trait or is it something that we pick up as we grow up?

10. One thing is certain though, there is a need now for me to expend rather than conserve already, and I have to try my best to see if I can cross the divide and make it to the other side. It was shared to me that it takes discipline and a willingness to focus, so I guess I really have to give it a try. To be focused and disciplined. No more excuses

11. Also I need to buy new clothes for work too. Seems like my current one is not fit for the new environment, and I guess I could probably go to H.E. Mango collection online to check out some of the clothes they have their. 

12. Speaking of clothes, why is smart casual so hard to define? I mean some are okay with jeans and some are not, and everything is just so confusing. I guess being in the middle is always confusing

13. A lot of people have been complaining about the recent announcement of the proposed fair hike for public transport (again) and I must say, despite all the reasons given, I don't find them convincing enough. I mean the fares now are already painful enough, and they still want to increase citing reasons such as our wages increase?

14. It almost seem as if the operators don't want the normal citizens to have a little extra cash in pocket. The reasoning that they are using is weak and confusing, and luckily I am glad I was not the only one who find it hard to understand their point of view. I mean the whole point of public transport is to make it affordable, and if you keep pushing the fares up, what you want the normal citizens to do? Resort to walking? Because after all owning a private vehicle is already hard enough here

15. Honestly, if running public transport is so difficult, I would suggest showing us proof of it. That your profit is not enough to cover your cost. Don't hide behind some jargon and expect people to buy it. Because people now are much smarter

16. And even if it's true that the costs is indeed higher than the profits, the government should step in. Because so many people are depending on the public transport everyday, and there's no alternatives available. A fare hike without a good reason is just going to make people hate you more, and that is not good. Not good in election at all

17. But of course I'm not a citizen, so I have no rights to complain. Guess I just have to suck it up and buy a concession pass. Which I hope don't increase in price as well

18. There was another thing that I wanted to write about Singapore, but I forgot about it so I guess there's no more need to write about it

19. And despite everything, Singapore is still much better off than my original country, Malaysia, I guess I got that going for me. I mean seriously. In Malaysia you have religious fanatics running around while the Prime Minster is constantly going on trips for god knows what reasons. Plus they are definitely shadier in all levels of the government

20. And as per tradition, point 20 is about me sleeping. So goodnight. May the blue of Monday engulf you tomorrow


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