[Movie Review] The Wedding Ringer

I must be honest. One of the main reasons why I decided to watch this movie was because Penny is in it. Penny, as in the Penny from the Big Bang Theory. That, and the story sounds interesting enough. A guy with no friends, was getting married to an insanely hot girl, and somehow needs to find groomsmen, 8 of them, to fill in the role. So in steps the 'best man money can buy', a best man for hire played by Kevin Hart.

For a movie that I have heard absolutely nothing of, aside from watching the trailer once, I find it to be surprisingly entertaining. I think the story is simple and down to earth, without trying to accomplish too many things, and allowed me to follow the entire development of the story effortlessly. It explores the themes of life that we all could relate to, the definition of friendship, love and also marriage. 

Of course, the movie does not really portray an absolute answer, but it does raise several questions for us to ponder about. Like what is the purpose behind all the showy stuff that are associated with the marriage ritual, as well as how friendships have been redefined today. It certainly made me think about what I'm looking for in marriage too, and grateful for the what I am blessed with currently. 

Aside from that the movie also has numerous laughs along the way, ranging from downright awkward silly ones to plot twists that you never expect along the way. Me and Dawn were laughing through most of the movie with the antics pulled by Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, along with their crudely assembled groomsmen. I half expected toilet humour though, but thankfully though the jokes themselves were not of the intelligent kind, it was still not as bad as the toilet humour kind. More focused on mishaps and pain, in a way.

It was quite entertaining to watch a socially awkward guy try to negotiate a wedding with a street smart actor, and I must say Kevin Hart's ability to constantly switch acting styles throughout the movie was enough to keep me glued on to the screen. 

Of course there were touching moments as well to give the movie a nice finishing touch, like how the two characters found friendship in each other, as well as found their sort of meaning to love. It has a nice flow from start to finish, the whole movie, and by the time it was finished I didn't really quite want it to end.

Still, the movie is not without its flaws though. I am abit disappointed with how Kaley Cuoco's character was portrayed, like really much in a 2D bimbo manner and the existence of several scenes that aims to showcase the budding friendship between the groomsmen, but really feels awkward and out of place.

Still I think the movie is worth watching in cinema, despite the paltry ratings given to it by Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. I have no idea why. I think it's a suitable movie to watch be it with your guy buddies or your other half, as it reflects some aspects that we need to face in our everyday life. I would give the movie a 7/10 for its entertainment value and themes, as well as the performance put forward by Kevin Hart. It was great really.

Down to earth, simple but yet entertaining. Worth a watch


  1. The Wedding Ringer is an amazing movie. Thanks for sharing this honest review.



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